My Three Favourite… Things In My Lounge

It’s our second ‘My Three Favourite…’ post Anne of our sister site and shop tells us her three favourite things in her lounge. Take it away Anne:

First it’s my fire guard. I was on a walk one bank holiday when I came across a small garage sale. I was immediately drawn to the fire guard, it was covered in paint and had broken glass. I bought it for just £3.00, I intended to try and renovate it, but if I failed at least I had not wasted much money.

The lady who sold it to me said her aunt had worked the tapestry during World War II, but by this point it had stood in her garage for many years. I removed the broken glass and vacuumed the tapestry. Next I stripped the wood and then applied several coats of wax. Once it was cleaned up I realised that the colours of the picture suited my lounge perfectly and it now has pride of place on the hearth.

I love the shape and design of this music stand which is made by Malcolm Smith. It’s carved from Walnut and although I don’t actually play an instrument, I use it to display pictures and books. Malcolm has a small workshop and showroom in Cromford in Derbyshire and it’s well worth a visit.

Finally I love my group of fairies made by Rebecca Morledge. Rebecca does fantastic illustrations, but also makes a whole crowd of fairies and these were made just for me in the colours I requested.