How to have lunch in London!

I spent the day in London yesterday for a very yummy event (more about this coming up soon). But once it finished I met up with my Sister In Law and we decided to find somewhere for lunch.

It’s easy to get mesmerised when you’re in a large city such as London, there’s so many options and unless you’ve studied lots of reviews you really have no way to know if you’ve made a good selection until it’s too late. Having made a truly delicious and economical choice I thought I’d share it with you all.

We found our way to Souk Medina in Covent Garden. A truly unique restaurant serving North African cuisine. We opted for the Set Menu at £16.95 each. This included:


Vine Leaves


Pitta Bread

Merguez with Batata Harra (Lamb sausages with sauteed potato cubes & Moroccan Spices)


Tagine of Lamb with Prunes & Roasted Almonds

Tagine of Chicken with Saffron & Herbs

Tagine of Spinach, Feta Cheese & Roast Onion

Tagine of Chickpeas, Cumin & Harissa Sauce

Cous Cous with Root Vegetables


Selection of Baklava

Fresh Mint Tea

There was so much food there was no way we could eat it all, although we made a valiant attempt. But it’s excellent value for money in terms of portion size. Everything was absolutely mouthwatering, the meat tender, the vegetables fresh and the sauces complimentary.

When dessert arrived we thought we’d never eat it, but then it’s very hard to resist good Baklava if you have a sweet tooth like me.

Finishing with a cup of Fresh Mint Tea is perfect and it helps to settle a perhaps overly full stomach (of course you might show more restraint than I did with how much you eat).

We were also amazed at how fast everything arrived. It was mere minutes before we were tucking in, which by the time we arrived was a very welcome surprise.

Finally a comment has to go on the decoration and atmosphere, you might technically be in Central London, but as soon as you enter the door and take in the lighting, seating, tiles etc you are transported to a wonderful sumptuous land far away.


Note. The pictures included here are all the property of Souk Restaurant.