Young’s Chip Shop Mackerel Review

I am not a fan of seafood. That probably doesn’t sound like a very positive start to a review, but bear with me. I’ve never liked fish, I can’t even stand the smell of walking past a fish market. This only really became a problem when I became a Mum, I knew that fish was good for my children. I knew it was full of health benefits that are almost exclusive to seafood. But beyond Fish Fingers, how on earth was I going to not only feed them fish, but myself?

I was sent a couple of boxes of Young’s Chip Shop Mackerel fillets to review. These fillets were inspired by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s ‘Mackerel Mission’. Hugh was trying to encourage more people to try sustainable mackerel at Fish and Chip shops. Young’s answered the call and now I was going to try it.

On opening I detected no off putting fishy smells, I assume this is because Young’s prepare and freeze their fish while it’s still very fresh. They cooked beautifully and had a wonderful golden colour. I took the first bite and…..drum roll please….. it was really delicious! The beer batter was devine, perfect texture and taste and the fish had a wonderful flavour too. It fell apart on cutting and was extremely succulent. The only downside was I was so blown away by the fact that I was not only eating Mackerel, I was enjoying it, that I talked none stop through dinner.

My husband in contrast is a seasoned fish eater so I like to think he knows his stuff. But he was enthusing as much as me. In fact he insisted we buy it on a regular basis for the whole family.

Our youngest liked it so much that he even attempted to say Mackerel, it came out ‘Mac……..rel’. I really cannot believe that I am being so enthusiastic about fish, but it truly deserved  it. I’ve been recommending it to fish fans and non fish fans alike.

Would I recommend this product?

Without a doubt, it’s yummy, it’s quick and I really have nothing bad to say about it.

Can it be improved in anyway?

I can’t see how. If I like it, it’s pretty much perfect fish.