New Year, New Habits and Nigel Slater!

It’s a brand new year and this always seems like a good time to develop some new habits. So far I’m mildly addicted to watching/reading anything by the chef Nigel Slater. I watched the drama of his life ‘Toast’ at Christmastime and now I’m a big fan of his show Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers. For more info on the show take a look at his webpage on the BBC.


His food always looks quite simple, but really tasty. So this week we attempted his Lazy Loaf! All the ingredients were easy to find and the instructions easy to follow, which is always a relief, especially with bread recipes.

The end result looked divine and tasted even better with soup. There was a definite moment of pride at having created something so pretty, that we felt we had to share it with you all 🙂

If you have a moment definitely take a look at the webpage and give some of his recipes a try.