Happy from Fairy Tail custom birthday cake

Hapy Fairy Tail CakeWe recently had a birthday in the Angel Eden household and if there’s one thing that birthdays mean it’s cake! I always check if there’s any particular theme that my kids want for their cake but I usually regret it when they request something complicated and seemingly impossible! This year the request was to have a Happy from Fairy Tail cake.Happy_Anime

For those unfamiliar with Fairy Tail it’s a Japanese Anime series following a group of wizards who face various magical challenges and threats. One of the main characters ‘Natsu’ has a flying blue cat (or Exceed to be precise) called Happy who joins the team as they battle foes and grow in magical ability.happycake1

So we need a flying blue cat cake!! Not the easiest thing to attempt, particularly as Happy (in true Anime/Manga style) has a head larger than his body. So I took a little creative licence and made Happy after a large meal, complete with round belly and his favourite food (fish!)happycake2

I felt quite anxious about the cake as I wasn’t really sure if it captured Happy successfully enough or not, but when my son saw it (early in the morning, he was too excited to sleep) he was over the moon! So if the customer is happy then I guess I should be too 🙂happycake3

He was made of a basic Chocolate cake and covered in buttercream and fondant, even his wings were edible. As you might imagine he took quite a long time to make and plenty of concentration, so I can see why so many parents buy their cakes instead! If you aren’t brave enough to attempt your own custom cake or you’d rather just leave the stress to the experts (I don’t blame you) then there are plenty of great cake bakers out there who’d be happy to take your ideas and turn them into reality. Most have wonderful websites full of amazing pics too, my favourite at the moment is NYC Birthday Cakes ,I’m completely in awe of their skills! Just check out this ice-cream theme!NYCcakes

I really want this crochet/knitting ball cake just for me!


You could customise this one for Christmas and have a Little Drummer Boy theme 🙂drumcake

What would your dream cake look like? Or have you ever attempted a custom theme only to fail miserably (I certainly have)?

Happy Halloween Pumpkins!

Happy Halloween to those who are celebrating today!

I just thought I’d pop up a few photos of our pumpkins this year. They were carved by my husband who I really think has a talent for turning vegetables into art! He usually looks online to see what others have carved and either recreates them or uses them as inspiration for his own design. I might even get him to carve us some more once these ones have wilted.

Pumpkin windy

This pumpkin is a truly 360 degree design with a figure blowing leaves the entire way around.

Wind leaves pumpkin

I think it gives the pumpkin a lovely autumnal feel.

Leaf Design Pumpkin

Carousel PumpkinThis is our second pumpkin with a dreamlike carousel horse.

I think carved Pumpkins are a wonderful autumnal decoration even if you don’t like Halloween 🙂