Columbia Road Flower Market

I have recently discovered a wonderful magazine called Pretty Nostalgic. It’s  produced just six times a year and in issue 5 readers were asked to submit details of their favourite markets around the country. All of the shortlisted entries looked fabulous, but the eventual winner of the Flower Market category (the one on Columbia Road, East London) was the one that really caught my eye.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Columbia Road and the market was even better than I expected!

Every Sunday the road transforms into a vibrant market selling flowers, foliage, bedding plants, herbs and even semi-tropical banana trees.

The prices were extremely reasonable and customers left stalls with armfuls of flowers and plants.

The market and it’s surrounding area have an enchanting atmosphere and it is a wonderful place to wander around with little cafes that only pop up at the weekend.

The street is lined with small one-off shops and is a paradise to anyone who likes to buy something unusual and different (me!) Some of the shops only open at the weekend to coincide with the market.

One of my favourites was Jessie Chorley’s shop having attended one of her workshops, although unfortunately Jessie was not in the day I visited.

Angela Flanders the perfumer is open here on a Sunday and in Artillery Passage, Spitalfields the rest of the week.

There are lots of shops selling vintage goods and items for the garden.

There are also vintage markets just off Columbia Road and a fantastic fabric/haberdashery shop called Beyond Fabrics.

There are so many interesting and amazing shops that it is difficult to choose between them but I did love the lamp shades in Lush Designs (I have one of their cushions!) which has a pop up shop on the road until August.

I can’t wait until I can visit the market again 🙂