I’m feeling cold!

Is anyone else feeling really cold yet? Considering some of the snow ridden winters we’ve experienced in recent years I feel a bit silly complaining of a chill when the temperature hits 5C, that’s practically balmy in comparison!

Plus I keep hearing things about a mega winter on the way, the worst on record and snow the likes of which we’ve never known. Of course this is all meteorological speculation at this point but I can’t say it doesn’t worry me. There’s certainly no speculating that Gas prices are at record highs and the prospect of having my heating on all day brings out the Scrooge in me. I’ll have us all wrapped up in polar fleece and sheepskin if I get my way 😛

Unfortunately heating is something of a necessity especially as I don’t have a roaring open fire or log burner. We’ve got the chimneys for them but some kind soul shortened them in the past so it wouldn’t just be a case of reopening them, they’d need building back up and relining and lots of other expensive nonsense.

CarronBalmoralHighlight250So instead I’ve decided to look for a new fireplace or gas fire baskets. I quite like some of these, especially the cast iron ones, they look sturdy and made to last. Of course I’d probably need a new fire surround as well, maybe an antique one to match the age of our home. I could see this becoming quite the shopping expedition.

I think I feel vaguely warmer just thinking about buying a new fire 😛 if that isn’t economising then I don’t know what is. Although I’m not too sure that logic will work when I tell the husband about my plan, but you never know unless you try.

However if it’s cosy toes you’re after then I may be able to help, pop over and enter the current competition for some luxury Canterbury Sheepskin Slippers!