International Yarn Bombing Day!

Last Saturday was International Yarn Bombing Day! In honour of this and because we had just Yarn Bombed Derby’s Silk Mill Anne decided to keep up the fun loving spirit, but this time she yarn bombed people!!

She returned to the Silk Mill where most of the creations from the previous weekend were still present. A bit or rearranging was required, all the bees had flown away to new homes, so the birds now took their place.

It was wonderful to see how well things had survived despite the awful wet weather during the week. Anne also managed to take a few dry pictures, which made a welcome change.

Here is a closeup of one of the chains that were hung from the building and as you can see it has survived really well.

Aside from international yarn bombing day, Saturday also saw a Red Cross Shop n Swap arrive at the Silk Mill. Part of the event was to bring along clothes you no longer wore and swap with someone else.

This went extremely well and everyone had a good time swapping and looking at a variety of stalls.

Anne had knitted five chain necklaces and both stall holders and customers took part in wearing them for a while and then they picked out someone new to yarn bomb. Each necklace had a small tag detailing the idea. Everyone really got into the spirit of it and was a lot of fun.

If you fancy seeing yet more yarn bombing, there is a website where people across the globe put the projects up for all to see