The Grown Up Chocolate Club!

Every once in awhile I come across a product or service that’s so good I simply can’t keep it to myself. Such was the case when I recently discovered the fabulous Grown Up Chocolate Club.

The concept is simple, every month members of the club are sent a wondrous array of unusual chocolates to taste and then feedback on their favourites. Each box contains 31 individual gourmet chocolates plus two bars.

When my February box arrived I was more than a little eager to get stuck in with the tasting, however I resisted and kept them for a dinner party. This had the benefit of giving a wide variety of opinions, plus they looked rather posh as I passed them round 🙂

Our absolute favourites had to be:

Lemon Mint Tea – amazingly flavoursome and refreshing, which is not something you would always associate with a chocolate.

Jasmine Pearl – my favourite comment about this little choc was ‘it tastes like a fancy Jaffa cake’. Funnily enough though it was somewhat reminiscent of that most addictive of snacks, like a polished and refined older sister.

Raspberry, Pepper and Caramel – A wonderful full flavour, endlessly luxuriant fruit and caramel flavour in a crisp dark chocolate shell.

Pear and Parmesan – this little choc has to be the perfect after dinner morsel, smooth, luxurious and with a gentle fruit flavour. The blend of fruit and cheese goes together like a dream.

Raspberries and Cream – this was a wondrous layered chocolate with a heavenly cream layer top and deep raspberry base.

Strawberry and Banana – a deep, crisp dark chocolate shell enclosed a lovely natural blend of strawberry and banana.

Those were just a few of our top picks, but in truth the whole box was a wonderful taste exploration.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching this would make the perfect gift for any chocolate lover. Even if you’re not experienced in the world of gourmet chocolates, these boxes guide you through such a wide variety of flavours that you’ll very quickly find yourself talking like a pro.


Membership to The Grown Up Chocolate Club costs £22.95 per month. Join online at their website here.