My most memorable childhood holiday!

When I was little, my brother and I idolised Timmy Mallett. We longed to be contestants on Mallett’s Mallett a popular segment of his TV show Wacaday, but alas we were too young. We took photos making the Wacaday sign, my brother was an accomplished Ninja Whinger and I squealed with delight every time the show started.

It was therefore hard to imagine how Timmy could possibly become a part of our family holiday to the Scottish Isle of Mull. We were staying in a beautiful castle stood proud atop a hill, nothing especially wacky about that! But there was a big secret we knew nothing about….

We had gone on holiday with Pat and Paul, some friends of my parents. Pat had worked with my Dad, but Paul (whose back I am riding on here) had a very familiar surname… Mallett! My parents had conveniently forgotten to mention this fact, probably because had we known, Paul would have been hounded daily with questions about his famous brother Timmy.

The secret was only revealed when we returned home from a walk in the gorgeous Scottish countryside and spotted a red sports car sat in the driveway. Intrigued we walked over to take a look and there right bang smack on the side was a black mallet!

You can probably guess where I am going with this :D, we ran inside, or at least my brother and I did, my parents probably sauntered. Timmy was sat quite calmly on our sofa, eating our biscuits. The shock was beyond belief, it’s always exciting to meet someone you admire, but to find one sat in your lounge waiting for you is a step further I’d say!

Timmy coped beautifully with my shock and awe, I was so excited I squealed and squirmed the entire time, it was just too much! My brother who has always had a calmer disposition coped with far more grace. Timmy made up a story which included us both as the main characters (although my character was reduced to a blob of goo, in large part due to my inability to speak). There is a video lurking about my parents house which details the entire tale and our reactions.

Perhaps the funniest part of this story is the reason that Timmy had come to see us in the first place, Paul had forgotten his jeans! The holiday was not merely memorable, it was a childs wish come true! I’ve never forgotten the excitement, shock and awe I felt and top it all off Mull was very nice too 😛

This post is my entry into the Butlins childhood holiday memory competition. Competition sponsored by Butlins Holiday Parks, helping your family make memories.