Buying Guide: Choosing A Mattress

Do you feel stiff, achy and basically in a bad mood when you wake up? While the 6am alarm can leave any one feeling grumpy, those aches and pains could actually be attributed to an uncomfortable mattress. We all spend a third of our lifetime sleeping, so choosing the right bed with a comfortable mattress is important to our wellbeing and can make all the difference between a good night’s sleep and a sleepless night of tossing and turning. To help pick the mattress that is right for you, here is our essential buying guide on choosing a mattress….

1)  Pocket sprung mattresses vs. memory foam mattresses A peaceful night sleep doesn’t have to break the bank as there are a number of leading retailers that offer cheap mattresses to cater to all bed types and sizes. Two of the most popular types of mattresses are pocket sprung mattresses and memory foam mattresses. A pocket sprung mattress is recommended for double beds, especially if there is a size difference between you and your partner – this ensures weight is distributed evenly across the mattress, and there’s no risk of rolling uncomfortably towards the middle during the night.

A memory foam mattress is great for those who require extra support while they sleep, it may be that you suffer from back pain or joint ache, a memory foam mattress moulds to your body’s contours to ensure the best possible comfort and support.

2) Which mattress size should I choose? If you are ordering a mattress online, you want to make sure you make the right decision in what size you choose. From single and double beds to Queen and King Size beds, if you already have a bed frame make sure you measure up your bed prior to buying the mattress, this will make sure that you choose the correct size. If you’re buying a new bed too, remember to consider exactly how much space you and your partner will need – if you prefer a spacious sleep, why not choose a King Size mattress or even a Super King Size mattress for that added space and luxury.

3) Do I need a new bed too? To guarantee a good night sleep, you may need a new bed frame too. Over the years, a bed frame’s slats which secure the mattress can break or curve – meaning that your mattress can dip down in places. To ensure you mattress is supported you should replace the bed slats. Sometimes, finding the right bed slats for your bed frame can be difficult – therefore it may actually be more financially viable to purchase a new bed instead.