Thorntons Christmas Hero

The good folks at Thorntons recently asked me if I’d like to play Secret Santa and gift a worthy recipient a yummy box of Thornton’s Chocolates. There was no hesitation, no moment of doubt in my mind, my Thorntons Christmas Hero had to be my Dad!IMG_5026

My Dad is a one of a kind chap. As a child he was there to clean my grazes or hold my hair back when I had the flu. He indulged my active imagination, having no qualms about running around Sherwood Forest pretending to be Robin Hood as I gleefully squealed and laughed. He was the perfect Dad in every way.

Fast forward twenty or so years and despite being retired, occasionally suffering from bad health or tiredness he’s now turned into the perfect Grandpa and Dad!IMG_5039

When I suffered ill health post the birth of my twins he took me to the Dr and held my hand as I struggled to string a sentence together thanks to extreme sleep deprivation.

When I was hospitalised with a chest infection on Christmas Eve, once again he stayed with me holding my hair as the medication did disastrous things to my stomach.

Before I learnt to drive it was a struggle to get anywhere, two babies in car seats took up the entire back row of his car. My Dad still drove me around whenever I needed him too, at family gatherings he would even make two trips to bring my husband as well!IMG_5055

As he reached retirement far from taking life easier he now takes all three of my children to dancing classes, birthday parties or to see their friends whenever I need help.

Knowing that you have such a rock of support which is only a phone call away is the most precious gift in the world and I can never truly show my Dad just how very grateful I am.

IMG_0043I hope this wonderful Family Night In bundle from Thorntons will go a little way to showing him just how much we all love and appreciate him!