Displays, Mdf and Charity

At Angel Eden we have been working quite hard in recent months to improve our display equipment. These are the items we loan out to galleries and shops to hang the jewellery from, we also use it to display our work when we visit shows. We had a vision but that was about it, we might be handy when it comes to silver but we’re less keen on wielding a jigsaw or drill. Anne began looking for a company that might be able to make our ideas become a reality and we came across Claro Enterprises. This company is also a sheltered workshop and charity helping people with mental illnesses gain valuable skills and self confidence. The charity sells all items created and the resulting income helps keep the workshop running. Anne created a simple mock up out of cardboard and Claro very swiftly made our design out of mdf, the prototype looked perfect and we instantly placed a larger order.

Claro also sells ready made designs through their website, Anne bought the mdf mini chest seen here. Using methods I have described in previous posts the chest was painted and then decorated with our favourite Italian papers, we are very pleased with the end result, it would make a lovely jewellery chest.

I thought I would share this company with you all as we have been so pleased and impressed by them. If you get a moment do take a look at their site, as all the money goes to a good cause it really is worth thinking of them should you need any mdf blanks.