Julie Arkell Workshop

Last weekend Anne was lucky enough to attend a workshop run by Julie Arkell, one of the UK’s most celebrated folk artists. Here is a little insight to her day.

The workshop was held at Hope and Elvis, a studio owned by Louise Presley. Louise organises a wide variety of workshops taught by herself and various guest tutors.

This wonderful apron notice lead the way into the workshop.

I love the inventive way that Louise advertises her other workshops!

When Julie arrived she set up a small display of items that she had made. Some were available for purchase on the day or could be used as inspiration. I love the use of vintage clothing as a means of presentation.

Duly inspired everyone got down to the act of being creative. I’m told that everyone was so engrossed in their work that many forgot to stop for lunch!

Some closeups of Julie’s wonderful brooches.

A few of her gorgeous fabric bracelets.

Finally here are Anne’s wonderful creations, she managed to complete three brooches during the day. The first is a take on a wartime brooch.

Then two wonderfully quirky flying creatures, a lamb and a mouse!