My Three Favourite… Things In My Kitchen

Today I’m launching a brand new section on the blog entitled ‘My Three Favourite…’ Each post I will look at the top three must have items owned by either myself or others. These could be anything from today’s ‘Things In My Kitchen’ to ‘Gifts’ or ‘Foods’ etc, the potential is endless 🙂 Today I’ll introduce you to my top three kitchen items. These little pieces make me smile whenever I see/use them and I wouldn’t be without them.

First thing in the morning it is a must, nay a requirement that I have a cup of tea to wake me up. I have many mugs which I adore (I’ve been a bit of a Mugaholic since childhood) but my absolute favourite is my Panda Mug from Brixton Pottery. I have several of their designs but this cutie was given to me by my husband and I love it’s country styling mixed with an exotic creature. I dearly hope to own more Brixton mugs in the future, they are the perfect size and lovingly handmade.

While drinking aforementioned cup of tea I often find myself staring at my next favourite, a gorgeous Andrew Tanner Lovebirds Plate.The birds are carefully cut out, which gives a beautiful silhouette. I picked it up at Lustre in Nottingham and it has hung on my kitchen wall ever since. It has grace and elegance but with a touch of creative flair that is so unique, it never fails to impress me.

Finally my last favourite (also a Lustre purchase) is these gorgeous hooks by Steve Handley. They’re useful, vintage and constantly admired, what more could you want. I also dearly long for one of Steve’s amazing cupboards made out of old pastry boards, knives and pine. But while I wait for that day I am fortunate to have a little bit of Steve’s wonderful work on display to admire daily 🙂


If you like this section’s new logo, then you’ll love Rebecca Simpson Design who created this amazing font.

The bird atop the words was an Angel Eden original, drawn by my husband 🙂