EcoEgg Review

Almost daily we are surrounded by news stories of global warming, rising pollution, dwindling resources and the higher cost of utilities. Most of us are therefore understandably worried about our personal budgets and environmental footprints. So when a product arrives that promises to help our wallets, lessen our waste and generally make our lives more rosy, it’s undoubtedly an attractive proposition. Enter the EcoEgg!

The EcoEgg promises to clean your laundry for up to 720 washes, the potential savings are obvious if it lives up to these claims. It also contains no harsh chemicals, making it much more environmentally friendly. For the allergy sufferer it promises a hypoallergenic clean that is friendlier to sensitive skin. It’s even available with or without fragrance.

I should stop however and say that while I absolutely felt that the EcoEgg’s message was wonderful, I sturggled to believe that it would actually beat my usual detergent.

So with some apprehension I assembled the EcoEgg and placed some dirty laundry into my machine. Nothing was added apart from the EcoEgg. I deliberately chose items that had become marked in some way so that I could really tell if the EcoEgg had worked.

The results?

To put it simply, it actually cleaned everything! The towels came out supersoft as well. Only one item retained a smidgen of a mark and a subsequent wash with standard detergent has proved that it is a stain of a stubborn nature.

Would I recommend this product?

At first glance the EcoEgg is not cheap at £19.99, but when you add up 720 washes it’s easy to see that it makes for an economical option.

The benefits of ease of use, money saving and eco friendly make it a very hard product to resist and certainly one I couldn’t fail to recommend.

Could it be improved in anyway?

The only downside I found with the EcoEgg was actually putting it together. I really struggled to twist the central plastic tube to make the egg lock into place. After several minutes I had it together, although the end did look a little worse for wear. I would improve and stengthen up this section of the egg if at all possible.


For more information see the EcoEgg website