I’m Crackers for Ritz!

Crackers for RitzThis shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias We’ve been going Crackers for Ritz!

Crackers are a staple you’ll find in most food cupboards but they’re often maligned as plain or boring. The secret to their success lies in their versatility; top them with cheese for an after dinner digestif or load with various antipasti to create a simple starter. However the humble cracker is more than a base for toppings, some variants (cheese, herb, sea salt etc) can be downright tasty with just a slither of butter or eaten straight from the pack.Ritz Aisle

My family are massive fans of this crispy treat and my children request them almost daily. One of our favourite brands is Ritz because they offer mini snack size packs which are perfect for days out and picnics. We bought some from our local Morrisons supermarket and we’ve been coming up with fun and unique reasons why we’re crackers for Ritz! We’ve even made a hashtag #crackersforritz if you’d like to join in the fun. Here’s the top reasons why we love them.

I go crackers for Ritz in a chocolate spread tower!

Ritz Chocolate

My youngest son can be rather awkward when it comes to his food (think plain rolls and an absence of key ingredients normally seen on the dinner plate) but we can always rely on Chocolate Spread to make him happy. When asked what made him love Ritz crackers so much he said, ‘because I can have a giant chocolate cracker tower!’

I go crackers for Ritz while holding up trees!

Ritz Tree

My eldest is surprisingly strong for a child (I’m counting on his future abilities to open jars and hold onto our dog who pulls like a steam train on a walk). He told me, ‘food gives you energy, so I love crackers because they make me strong’. Admittedly this tree (while leaning dramatically) was completely wedged into the earth below but it still made for a great leaning post.

We all go crackers for Ritz on family days out!

Ritz Picnic

Crackers are an essential part of our picnic bag on most family outings, not just because of their flavour but for their ease of transportation. In my head I was going to take a beautiful picture to illustrate this, with my (well-arranged) family smiling sweetly on a recent springtime stroll. Unfortunately the kids were too busy trying to feed Grandpa their crackers while Granny was being stared at by a cracker loving pooch!

I go crackers for Ritz when I get the box to play with!

Ritz Dog

All these crackers were driving our dog a bit mad. He desperately wanted to eat them and so far had only managed a few that the kids had accidentally dropped. The truth though is that he loves playing with the cardboard box as much if not more than eating the contents!

Ritz Dog 2

We’ve had loads of fun coming up with new ways to enjoy crackers to their full potential and I think I’ve started a family trend, going ‘crackers for Ritz’. For myself I’m planning on a secret midnight feast when there’s no little hands to steal the cheesy crackers away from me. How would you go Crackers for Ritz? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter using the hashtag #crackersforritz .

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