Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening Kit Review and Giveaway!

led-teeth-whiteningBright white teeth are often seen as a sign of health and beauty but for some people it’s a dream that stays illusive. Years of coffee, wine or tea drinking take their toll on our teeth and before long our pearly whites are covered with yellow stains. Smile Brilliant believe that they have the answer with their LED Teeth Whitening Kit and today I’m not only reviewing one, I’m giving one away to one lucky reader!

Clean white teeth are a particular bugbear of mine and I try to take good care of my own so while I did try out the LED kit I didn’t find it made a massive difference, however I think this is largely due to years of prodigious care on my part. However my husband on the other hand is a whole different story. In his youth he was guilty of some tooth related neglect and along with a habit of smoking cigarettes his teeth became quite stained. While he quit smoking years ago the stains remained, we tried whitening tooth pastes…. nothing! We tried tooth whitening kits…. teeny tiny improvement that quickly faded. We were out of options!

I handed him the Smile Brilliant LED kit and within one use his teeth were looking significantly better, still somewhat yellow but definitely the cleanest I remember them. Within two uses we were starting to get really impressed, finally something was making a difference!

Is the Kit easy to use?

Very easy. All you do is paint some whitening solution (provided in pen form) onto your teeth, pop in a tooth guard and hold the special LED light against the guard. Then sit back and wait 20-45 minutes per session. I have to admit the only arduous part of using the kit is the waiting, speaking is definitely a no no.

Would I recommend the kit?

Yes I think it’s definitely worth a try, however it’s important to note that no tooth whitening system can whiten beyond an individuals own natural shade of enamel, so don’t expect a smile that will reflect off the sun.

The competition

Why take my word for it though, why not try out the Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening kit for yourself with our brilliant new competition. Smile Brilliant have offered one of my readers a full kit delivered direct to your home worth $69.95!

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72 Responses to Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening Kit Review and Giveaway!

  1. Oh lord yes! 🙂 Red wine and coffee have done me no favours over the years! Amazing giveaway, thanks for hosting 🙂

  2. Yes after packing in smoking for 3 years now my teeth and gums are healthier but I have tried all sorts of toothpaste to whiten them and had no look

  3. Yes! I have smoked for a number of years, got a lot of weddings to go to this summer… would be nice to have lovely white teeth in all the photos x

  4. I would love white teeth I have cut out on fizzy juice and sweets and this would brighten them even more

  5. I really could do with having my teeth whitened as it would give me more confidence

  6. Yep, they do a bit as I’m a coffee fiend and there’s a little staining, plus I smoked for 20 years, so that’s had an effect I think lol!!

  7. Most definitely. I smoke and drink too much coffee and it is very hard to get rid of these stains. I will quit one day.

  8. I think everyone would like a little bit of whitening to help boost their smile and to give them a little bit more confidence – i’m definitely included in that and i would love to see what results this product could give me as my teeth could definitely do with some brightening up 🙂

  9. i desperately need my teeth whitened i smoke drink lots of strong coffee and red wine so thank you for this chance to win x

  10. They do indeed,I’m on permanant antibiotics,which means my teeth are discoloured,due to the side effects,so would love to give this a go

  11. Getting older and they are not as sparkly white as they used to be – looks quite ageing.

  12. I’ve been at home for a while now, and that’s lead me to drink a lot of tea. I used to be happy with my smile but that plus braces mark have left me self-conscious. Would love to win this.

  13. Yes, I think with everybody in the media having perfect teeth anything less than White makes you feel very self conscious.

  14. oh yes, from 15 years of smoking (iv now quit) and being a tea and coffee addict, its took its toll on my teeth unfortunately