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IMG_5164There’s something about the festive season that makes scented candles, oil burners and reed diffusers extra magical. The correct fragrance can evoke a forgotten childhood memory, remind you of delicious treats or just help to get you into the Christmas spirit. I particularly love spiced fragrances; cinnamon, clove, orange and mulled wine and I eagerly await new scents from Yankee Candle and Ashleigh & Burwood every year.

The Scented Candle Shop recently contacted me to ask if I would like to try out a couple of items from their current range. Once I’d got over the excitement of having some new candles I took a look at their website and was pleased to discover that they stock a large range of brands and also have some really good deals available.

I chose to test out the Christmas Eve Candle and Christmas Cookie candle, both from Yankee Candles and currently available with a 25% discount!


Christmas Eve Candle

Christmas Eve Candle

Christmas Eve Candle

This is quite a departure from my usual spiced fragrances but when I tell you a bit more about it you’ll understand the appeal. To put it simply this candle smells very reminiscent of jelly beans!! How is that Christmassy I hear you cry, well in our house Christmas always means an increase in sweets, chocolates and sugar. It’s a whimsical fragrance that can appeal to young and old alike, in fact my kids ask me to light it every day!

The picture on the front of the jar is wonderful and festive and the bright red colour suits December décor perfectly. On a practical note the candle burns evenly and has a great fragrance throw. I wouldn’t say it lingers around the house as long as some Yankee fragrances can but that’s probably a good thing or I’d be raiding the cupboards at 2am.


Christmas Cookie Candle

Christmas Cookie Candle

Christmas Cookie

This is a candle for the bakers or fans of home cooking, to me it smells like the best fresh buttercream. Sweet, buttery and incredibly moreish this candle gave a great fragrance as soon as it was lit.

Make sure you keep the wick trimmed before relighting (as you should with all Yankee candles) or the excess may fall into the cream coloured wax and create a slightly dirty milk appearance. Otherwise the colour and picture on the jar gave this candle an elegant and sophisticated appeal.


The Scented Candle Shop dispatched and delivered my candles in lightning speed and both were very securely packaged and protected. They even came wrapped in delicate tissue paper.






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