Heat Holders Thermal Leggings Review

If there is one thing the British like to talk about it’s the weather and my goodness it can get cold during the winter! Keeping warm with rising fuel bills seems like an impossibility but specially designed thermal garments may can help to keep you warm without the huge price tag. Heat Holders sent me a pair of their Thermal Leggings to test out.

LeggingsFirst here’s what they are supposed to do:

Heat Holders Thermal Leggings – RRP £8.00

‘Tested to achieve a 0.63 tog rating, these leggings lock in more warm air closer to the skin.

Available in Small/Medium/Large/X-Large and in colours: Black/Blue/Plum.’

All sounds great but… they didn’t fit me 🙁I was sent the size Small/Medium in white, the package states these should fit a UK dress size 6-14 so they should have fit me perfectly. Unfortunately I wore them out on a cold winter day and was so frustrated by them continually falling down that I had to take them off.

LeggingsI should mention that I am tall, slim and don’t have massive hips so potentially my body shape may have been an issue. Someone the same size but shorter or curvier than myself may be ok, but I do think the sizing was rather ambitious none the less.

Luckily that isn’t the end of the review because I passed them onto a size 16 friend who despite being outside the stated sizes found that the leggings fit her perfectly. Here I ask her questions about their effectiveness.

Did the Leggings keep you warm and comfortable?

I found the leggings really comfortable and they were light enough to fit under most clothes. They definitely kept me warm and I’ve taken to wearing them around the house instead of having the heating on all day.

Did you have any problems or could you make any recommendations about the leggings?

I didn’t experience any problems and I would say that the leggings work exactly as they are supposed too. I would perhaps suggest that if you are a size 16 like me you buy the small/medium as they were the perfect fit and I suspect the larger size would be too big. I’m actually very tempted to buy another pair in a darker colour.

Abi’s Final Thoughts

This has been an unusual review for me as you might have guessed as I can’t actually comment personally on the product. However it seems that the leggings do indeed keep you warm and work exactly as described. You may need to be careful on sizing and ensure you can return for an exchange should you need too.

The experience (or lack of) hasn’t put me off Heat Holders as their claims re. warmth appear to be accurate and I’d be happy to purchase other products (hats, gloves, socks etc) from their range in the future.


For more information on the leggings and other products from the Heat Holders range visit www.heatholders.com

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