Win a Godminster 400g Vintage Organic Cheddar Round!

400g Vintage Organic Cheddar

400g Vintage Organic Cheddar

A few weeks ago I attended the Country Living Christmas Fair in London and among my favourite stalls was Godminster who sold the most delicious organic cheeses. They would make the perfect addition to your festive table and now you can be in with a chance to win your very own 400g Vintage Organic Cheddar round!

Godminster is well known for its delicious range of organic cheeses including a vintage organic waxed cheddar, oak-smoked vintage organic cheddar and a range of bries made with milk from the Godminster Farm. Godminster also makes refreshing infused vodkas, including horseradish, blackcurrant and elderflower. Chunky beetroot and apple chutney and two new varieties of crackers, rosemary water biscuits and an oat rich digestive complement the range.

400g Vintage Organic Cheddar

400g Vintage Organic Cheddar

The Prize

Godminster have offered readers of the Angel Eden Blog the chance to win one of their fabulous 400g Vintage Organic Cheddar Rounds.

A round delicious, creamy vintage organic cheddar in Godminster’s distinctive burgundy wax, packaged in an attractive gift box.

Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar

Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar

How to Store The Cheddar

‘Our cheddar is organic, containing no preservatives, so we recommend refrigeration at all times at 5°C.  Remove from the fridge an hour before serving to allow the cheese to warm to room temperature and bring out the flavour.

No need to remove the wax. In fact, we find our cheese keeps its creamy consistency best, if you keep it in the wax. The cheese can be scooped or sliced. Either score around the top and use it as a lid, scooping the cheese out, or cut through the wax like you would a cake. If there’s any left replace the lid, wrap the whole cheese in cling film and refrigerate.’

How To Enter

Entering couldn’t be simpler, just pop over to the Angel Eden Blog Facebook page and hit ‘like’ then either click the widget below or the ‘Cheese Competition’ tab on the Facebook page to register your entry.

For extra entries either:

  • Leave a comment on this post (comments will be checked so make sure to leave one)
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Tweet about the competition

The competition will end at midnight on 7th December 2013 (UK residents only please).

Make sure you leave me a way to contact you should you win :)  Good Luck!

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215 Responses to Win a Godminster 400g Vintage Organic Cheddar Round!

  1. I will try to save it for Christmas/New Year – but I doubt that would happen. Well, there are plenty special gatherings in the run-up to Christmas…

  2. At this moment in time i would say that i would save it for Christmas …. but if i did win then it probably wouldn’t last until then lol

  3. I don’t think i could wait to christmas.. i’d have a little on some crackers and make some homemade cheese biscuits too 🙂

  4. looking round the shops, it appears to already be Christmas so there’d be no need to save it. Well, that would be my excuse for eating it straight away.

  5. I’d try my hardest to keep this for the festivities. I’ve heard it tastes divine and it’d make a great impression at the parties!

  6. I’d try my hardest to keep it for the festivities. It’d make such a great piece to present at parties!

  7. Deffo save it for Christmas to share although being a cheese freak I can see me cutting a chunk off then wrapping it back up again lol.

  8. This would get eaten straight away, big cheese fans in this house. I’d be surprised if it even made it to the kitchen after being delivered.

  9. Straight away, Im pregnant and cheese is one of my ‘things’. It would never make it until Christmas

  10. Got to be saved for Christmas, not sure my waistline could cope with it lying around the house before then without nibbling relatives on the prowl!

  11. I would love to say i would save for christmas but not sure i could resist, thanks for the chance to win this xx

  12. I would enjoy this lovely cheese with a glass of red wine and share with my mum and good friend on one of our Friday girls nights! Good food, good wine and good company x

  13. I’d like to say that this will be left ’til Christmas but I fear it will ‘evaporate’ during a moment of stress

  14. I’m sure I couldn’t stop myself eating this wonderful cheese, or at least having a bite here, a bite there…

  15. Would be too tempting to resist – I would like to save for Xmas but I would have to try it first 😉

  16. Would buy for Christmas but husband would eat straight away – so would have to buy more – and more – and more ….

  17. I think I would save it for Christmas as we go round my mum’s for a cheeseboard in the evening and it would be lovely to share, but saying that, would I be able to resist the temptation???

  18. I would have to sneak a smallish wedge, then at Christmas I’d serve it in a remodeled circle with a few ready cut wedges so that no one would notice

  19. I’ve got enough cheese to last a while… But I’d probably use it when I ran out if need be.

  20. As there is just me and my husband Christmas day we would break into it before Christmas, be a nice treat on Christmas Eve

  21. I would save it for Christmas night, when the little ones had gone to bed and share it with the Mr, relaxing in front of the fire with a glass of wine 🙂

  22. I would wait until NYE. Once the little one is asleep in bed and I’d see the New Year in: just me, a bottle a red wine and this lovely prize – heaven 🙂

  23. i would like to say that i would save it for Christmas but its highly unlikely it would last that long!

  24. Well I have had this cheese before and apart from being delicious there is a lot of it so i would share it.

  25. I would try to save it until Xmas, but with 2 teenage boys with bottomless appetites at home food doesn’t hang around for long in my kitchen 🙂

  26. I would save it for boxing day when we visit my mothers We all take something round and I was actually planning on taking a cheese board this would be a perfect addition to it I would have to be the first to try it though

  27. With all the best intentions in the World I would try and save it for Christmas to share with all the family but I know Temptation would take over knowing this gorgeous round delicous

    cheese is sitting in my fridge and I would have to eat it night after night and I would enjoy it and not feel guilty as it;s to good to share

  28. There is just no way i can resist until christmas, and I dont think i can bear to share it either!! x