It’s Fancy Dress Season!


There seems to be loads of opportunities for kids to dress up at this time of year, whether it’s for a school play, nativity, party or event. Finding decent costumes at an affordable price can be somewhat challenging, so I’ve put together a few of my favourites.

Fancy Dress Costume Stores

aliceThe obvious choice is to search your local costume or party shop but this sometimes attracts a premium for the convenience, particularly when costumes are in demand. However there are plenty of stores online which offer cheaper alternatives, just make sure you order in plenty of time to allow for size exchanges etc. I found this cute Alice in Wonderland Costume from Elliot’s Fancy Dress. At £10 it seems fairly reasonable and being a literary character you could perhaps reuse it as one of your book week fancy dress costumes.

untitled (3)Ebay

The incredibly popular online auction site, eBay is often an economical way to pick up brand new or used costumes at a fraction of the retail price.

IMG_6927Make Your Own

Potentially this is either an extremely cheap or horrendously expensive idea. Sewing patterns, fabric and sundries can quickly add up, plus the time a costume takes to make. However if you’re making something very simple (basic shapes for shepherds etc) picking up fabric online or at a market can make this a really good option. The pic above is of my son in his homemade pirate coat.

IMG_7192Customise Clothing

I like this option most of all! Start with a plain tshirt, jumper or dress and then use fabric paint or sew on small bits and pieces. A basic white or silver dress can become an angel with the addition of wings. A hooded jumper becomes a superhero with an emblem and basic cape (you already have the hood).

In the pic above I turned my daughter into Alice with the addition of a bunny badge and headband, it can really be that simple. I’ll also be customising some other clothes over the next couple of weeks and I’ll post up pics to show what I did.

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