Mike the Knight ‘Be a Knight, Do it Right!’ Review

Mike the Knight is already a very popular character and with the release of his new DVD ‘Be a Knight, Do it Right!’ on 29th July he’s set to invade living rooms across the country. I set my three little knights the task of reviewing the new DVD and finding out if it is worth purchasing.

From a parents perspective, I really like this DVD. It captivates my children for 60 full minutes giving me time to catch up on other tasks. I also like the chivalric aspects of the program, Mike often gets things wrong but it’s only when he’s behaving in a truly ‘knightly’ manner that his activities go to plan, not a bad ethos for kids to emulate!

My kids are the true reviewers though and here is their expert opinions on Mike’s latest outing.

Did you enjoy the Mike DVD?

Sir G – Yes, because it was long like a real film

Lady I – Yes

Sir N – Yes, I really liked it

Will you watch it often?

Sir G- No, because I like to watch a film once. (This is an honest answer, however Sir G may have forgotten that he’s watched it three times already 🙂 )

Lady I – Yes, because it was fun!

Sir N – Yes

What was your favourite part?

Sir G – The 2 part Mike and the new castle episodes.

Lady I – Where Mike says ‘It’s time to be a knight and do it right’.

Sir N – The snow bit and when Mike won trophies and shared them out.

Could the DVD be improved in anyway?

Sir G – Maybe a bit shorter

Lady I – No

Sir N – Yes, by putting it on (he means it’s not as good when it isn’t playing ;P )

Any other comments?

All three – No

Would your friends like this DVD?

All three – Yes!

So there you have it, Mike has been a big hit in our house and I’m sure the DVD will be watched often, although apparently not by Sir G! 🙂

Mike by Lady I


Mike the Knight ‘Be a Knight, Do it Right!’ is available from all good retailers now!

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