Summer Party Fashion for kids (and me!)

It was recently my twins birthday and you wouldn’t believe the hard time I had finding appropriate party clothes. So hard in fact that I thought I’d share my successful finds in case any of you too are struggling.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I am quite anxious that my daughter in particular does not grow up too fast and enjoys her childhood being a little girl. But as soon as I entered the shops I was faced with teenage styling, short skirts, skimpy tops and shoes with heels 🙁 When my daughter’s brief had been ‘a pretty party dress’ none of this came even remotely close to fitting either her ideal or my own.

Thankfully H&M finally came to the rescue with this gorgeous Sky Blue Empire Line Dress, amazingly it only cost £12.99 and came in several colours. We even found a cute little bolero for £4.99 and a pair of sparkly ballet pumps. My daughter couldn’t have been more pleased and she looked perfectly at home skipping around the Georgian town house where her party was held.

My son was somewhat easier as boys clothes don’t seem to suffer from the same shortening of lengths etc. He just wanted a ‘cool’ shirt and we found this wonderful striped number at Polarn O. Pyret (one of my favourite kids shops) for £22. It’s hard to see in this picture but the stripes go in different directions.

As for myself…. 🙁 I ran out of time and didn’t get any new clothes (Boo!) but then I wasn’t the centre of attention at their party. Although if I had the time again I think I would have opted for a gorgeous lace dress like one of these from New Look. In fact I still might treat myself (parties are hard work!)So if you’re like me and just want your daughter to look her age and your son to look like a cool little chap, don’t give up there are still shops that offer good choices. Or if all else fails, sew something yourself!

I bought all of the clothes from Westfield Derby 🙂 my local shopping centre, but all the shops above also sell online.

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