Chickpea Burgers

On Saturday morning I was watching the BBC Breakfast show when I heard an interview with Jack Monroe. If you’re not familiar with Jack, she writes a blog and campaigns against food waste. The Breakfast Time interview can be seen here. One of the recipes mentioned was a burger made from kidney beans, onion and carrot. Apparently the recipe could be made for the teeny tiny cost of 9p. Someone at the BBC had a go and thought that it actually cost them 37p but that’s still pretty cheap. When I looked in my cupboards, I only had chickpeas, not kidney beans 🙁 . I still really wanted to have a go at the recipe, so this is my slightly altered version.

Jack’s recipe can be found on her website I changed this to use a tin of chickpeas and also left out the flour, making the burgers gluten free as well as inexpensive.

I was very pleased with how easy they were to make and when fried in a little oil they didn’t fall to pieces.

I admit I haven’t worked out the exact cost but four burgers were made from one tin of chickpeas, one carrot and one onion so it cannot have cost too much. I added potatoes and cabbage and had a really delicious meal.

2 Responses to Chickpea Burgers

  1. I saw Jack too and I’m now following her blog.She some great ideas and as someone who can relate to her situation it was great for her show how easy it was to eat healthy on a very small budget.