Snow Again

Just when I thought the wintry weather was gone and it was safe to travel, it happened again!
The weather forecast had warned us to expect snow from 4pm, it came so much later that i honestly assumed it had passed us by. Luckily I had pulled onto my drive before the worst happened.
At Angel Eden we haven’t published any snow pictures recently but I took these after midnight and thought I’d share them 🙂

And this was the front garden looking a bit like fairy land!

4 Responses to Snow Again

  1. Goodness me….

    Where do you live….Siberia?
    It certainly looks very wintery in your garden!

    How did you manage to catch those snowflakes in the picture?
    Have you got a special camera for producing such an interesting effect?

  2. Not Siberia just in the middle of the country. The snowflakes were caught by using a flash and a Canon Ixus camera.

  3. Looks nice in pictures doesn’t it? I think we should move Christmas to Jan/Feb time so we can all enjoy the snow in a more festive setting.