Boursin Sun Ripened Tomato, Onion and Chive Review

In 1957 in the Normandy town of Gournay, French cheesemaker François Boursin® created the famous soft cheese that still bears his name to this very day. It was also the first cheese featured in a TV advert back in 1968 when it was declared “Du pain, du vin, du Boursin®” (Some bread, some wine and some Boursin®). Over fifty years later Boursin has added a brand new flavour to the collection called Sun Ripened Tomato, Onion and Chive!

Having recently received a sample of this new flavour, I am happy to share my thoughts with you all today. I already love the original garlic and herb cheese but would this new flavour pass the taste test?

It’s texture is identical to original Boursin so if you love the soft crumbly consistency perfect for adorning a slice of crunchy fresh bread you’ll not be disappointed here.

The flavour is devine, the familiar creamy backtaste, but layered with a rich tomato flavour set off perfectly by the onion and chives. If you have travelled to the Mediterranean then this cheese can take you back there in one bite. Spread it thickly across fresh baked bread and drift off to warmer climes in an instant.

Would I recommend this product?

I think this makes a fabulous addition to the cheeseboard and it will certainly be a familiar sight around this family kitchen.

Could it be improved in anyway?

I’d love to see this flavour available in minis in the future for crumbling into salads and soups. In terms of flavour I think it is perfect.


Boursin’s sun-ripened tomato, onion & chive flavour is available right now at your local supermarket for £2.20 per 150g.

For further details on the Boursin range and a delicious selection of recipes visit Boursin Online.


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