Lite Sprites Review

Christmas is on the way and with young children in the house, we’re constantly bombarded with adverts for every toy imaginable. Narrowing down which toy is worth the money in terms of durability and appeal can be increasingly difficult. Keeping this in mind I was happy to review the new Lite Sprites toys. Adorable little sprites that seem reminiscent of my own childhood, these cute little dolls light up and can magically share colour with each other. So is this one of the must have toys?

When you first switch on a Lite Sprite it will glow with colour, a button at the back also allows you to cycle through this individual Sprite’s favourite shades. They also have a ‘share’ button which when pressed will share their current colour with any other Sprites standing nearby. This alone seems to provide amusement, my own children (boys included) loved the ability to change the colour of all the Sprites.

We also received a Lite Sprite Wand, this comes in a set with a Sprite named Prisma. This fabulous little addition allows you to scan in colours from your house which you can then transfer over to the Sprites. There’s also a variety of spells to cast,  you can make your Sprites float through a combination of colours, or play a colour finding game.

There’s a thorn in the side of Lite Topia though, the Lite Sprite called ‘Bleak’ can infect both the Sprites and their enviroment with her lack of colour (she merely glows white). She can even affect the order with which the Sprites cycle through colours. But a quick wave of the Lite Wand using a Bleak Spell can unlock her undesirable characteristics and she will behave as all the other Sprites do.

Each Sprite comes in their own pod which we hung upon the Tree of Lite. The Tree also glows with colour and can be rotated by hand which causes magical music to play.

That’s only a very brief rundown as in truth, despite a couple of weeks play we’ve still to unlock all the Sprites abilities, particularly using the Lite Wand. I’m very pleased to report that my kids have not grown bored of the Sprites, they are still brought out daily and provide hours of creative play.

This is the kind of toy that I would have loved as a little girl, in fact I still enjoyed helping the children seek out new colours. It all feels good quality and robust and I have no fears for it’s durability. My youngest did decide to rearrange the Sprites pods and the Tree of Lite’s leaves, but nothing bent or cracked and I’m sure this will last a long time.

Would I recommend this?

Definitely, it’s a fun and engaging toy that has provided my children with hours of amusement. It has a modern feel with the use of lights and music that even in this console obsessed age it can hold it’s own. The introduction of additional playsets, the wand and Bleak mean there’s always new elements to play.

Could it be improved in anyway?

I had to really give this some thought, honestly the Lite Sprites are great as they are. Ultimately though I’d just like to see the range continue to grow. I really like toys which can be added to, so more playsets, more Sprites with different abilities would be wonderful.


We received the following items to review:

Prisma and the Lite Wand RRP £29.99

4 Lite Sprites RRP £14.99 per individual Sprite

Tree of Lite RRP £39.99

Other playsets are available including a Waterfall, Swing, Flower and Windmill, each priced at RRP £19.99

Available to buy in store and online from all good toy shops.

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