London, Giant Phoneboxes and Gorgeous Window Displays!

Whenever I visit London either for the blog or any other publication I always try and fit in a bit of window shopping (or real shopping if my husband isn’t reading this). Everytime I discover something new, whether it’s a fabulous new store or previously missed shopping arcade. My last visit was no different.

I started my little jaunt in Camden, which isn’t exactly new to me but it had changed since my last browse. I always love the markets there, although an increasing number of stalls do appear to be carbon copies of each other. But there’s still a few independent sellers/designers. I fell in love with this little beach hut skirt.I have always had a particular fondness for antique sewing machines. For all their gadgetry modern machines just seem to lack the class (not to mention weight) or their forebears. This store window had an old machine in each pane. I did count how many there were but unfortunately I’ve forgotten, suffice to say there were lots and this is just a small section of window!

Next I toddled off to the Horse Tunnel Market, I have never seen so many life-size horse statues in my life!This market is surprisingly large, but my favourite stall had to be the one below. They sold vintage suitcases decorated with old comics and newspapers. Recycling at it’s very best, I’m sure even Paddington Bear would be happy to carry one.On route out of the market I found this exceptionally large telephone box. Of course I’m familiar with the traditional red boxes, I’ve even seen the blue police boxes but this particular model was a new one to me.Whenever I feel tired the first thing that springs to mind is ‘I need a cup of tea’. So after an afternoon of work, I made my way to Fortnum & Mason in Picadilly. With a bewildering variety of blends, plus every tea related piece of equipment you could ever possibly want, Fortnum & Mason is a tea lovers dream store.If that wasn’t enough to tempt you to visit though, even the window displays are mouthwatering with lifesize models baking, riding in hot air balloons and even driving steam boats!Unfortunately by this point my trip was drawing to a close. All that was left was to admire the lights of Picadilly before making my way home laden with yummy goodies.

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