The Best Bed Linen In The World Review

Apparently if you live to be 80 years old, you’ll spend something like 20 of those years asleep! That’s a huge proportion of our time that we spend in bed and yet we probably don’t apportion the same amount of outlay to bedding as we do to our clothes or shoes. But when so many of us suffer from sensitive skin or allergies it really ought to be one of our top priorities when it comes to designing our bedrooms.

I’ve always loved staying at top hotels (who doesn’t) and a big part of the luxury is a wonderfully comfortable bed covered in supersoft, super comfortable bedding. What if you could recreate this hotel luxury at home, every day and more importantly every night! With this in mind I have recently discovered the wonderful webstore The Best Bed Linen In The World. Already suppliers to several top hotels they now offer their luxury bedlinen to the general public.

I had the good fortune to test out two pillows from their Bed Linen Separates Collection recently. On the website there is an FAQ section that offers a wealth of information relevant to bedding and cotton. Much of this goes to dispel myths or beliefs about what constitutes luxury both in term of cotton production and thread count. I like to think I know a thing or two about cotton, but it still offered new information to myself.

I started by examining the pillowcases themselves, I received a Plain White Oxford and a Satin Stripe Oxford Pillowcase. They were well constructed, with properly finished and deep seams. I saw no stray threads or mediocre sewing.

I washed them both, both had minimal shrinkage at 40C, which I was expecting. After one wash they did feel a little more coarse to the touch, but a subsequent wash saw their original softness return. Aesthetically they look very classy, my personal favourite was the Satin Stripe Design.

The real test of course was to sleep on them, for no profound reason I preferred the Plain White Pillowcase, it seemed slightly softer overall. The quality of the cotton meant I didn’t overheat and they retained their shape. I also have very sensitive skin and found that neither irritated or annoyed.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, at £11 a pillowcase (more for Duvets etc) they are pricey, but not so far above high street stores as to make them unaffordable. I also think the quality is reflected in the price, you get the luxury you would expect.

Could they be improved in anyway?

Other than more products appearing in their ranges or perhaps special offers not really.

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