Mallow Cakes Recipe!

When I was little my Mum used to make these yummy scrummy Mallow cakes, they were sticky, crunchy and oh so moreish. My brother even pressed them into bar shapes and sold them in primary school for a project. So when she recently revived the recipe, a wave of nostalgia rolled over me and I felt I had to share it here. They’re not sophisticated, they’re just good!

What You’ll Need

4oz, 100g plain toffee

4oz, 100g marshmallows

4oz, 100g margarine or butter

5oz, 128g rice crispies

Cupcake papers


Step 1

If you’re using sheet toffee and have one of those cute little hammers that sometimes comes with it, here’s an excuse to put it through it’s paces. Break the toffee up and place it in a pan with the margarine, heat gently until the toffee begins to melt.




Step 2

Add the Marshmallows and stir until it has all melted and dissolved together.




Step 3

Mix in the rice crispies and spoon into paper cupcake cases and leave to set. That’s it, enjoy!

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