Pancake Day & CSN stores review!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that CSN stores had kindly offered to send me some products to review. I finally chose a Teal coloured Le Creuset Mixing Jug and KitchenCraft Masterclass Crepe Pan. Both items arrived separately, delivered by a DHL at home courier. From order to delivery I had to wait 8 days until I had both items. As pancake day is fast approaching I thought these were the perfect products to review.

To begin with I love love love the Le Creuset mixing jug, it has just enough style and functionality to make it the perfect addition to any kitchen. It can hold up to 2 litres, making it a great size for batter and the spout makes pouring extremely easy. It’s currently sat on top of our breadboard and I think it looks rather impressive, definitely not a cupboard item. As for use, I had been worried it wouldn’t be large enough to be truly useful but thankfully I was wrong. We whipped up a double quantity of pancake batter and had no overflow. It also pours very smoothly.

Moving onto the KitchenCraft Masterclass Crepe Pan. I’ve never had a dedicated crepe/pancake pan before, we’ve always managed to survive using regular frying pans. But it genuinely makes a difference to use the proper thing. The pan is very flat and also has a nonstick surface. I used absolutely no butter or oil, we just poured the batter straight in and waited for the pancake to stick, they didn’t! It was easy to swirl the batter to the edges of the pan and the flat surface meant we used less than we would normally, it also cooked the pancakes very evenly. By the end of the cooking session we had a huge stack of yummy pancakes. All cooked without butter, which I like to think made them much healthier (any excuse to eat more pancakes) and very even in size. The only remaining concern I have is how long the nonstick surface will last, unfortunately only time and use will tell.

So I think we are fully prepared for Pancake Day now. I’m a bit of a traditionalist and my favourite flavourings are Lemon and Sugar and Golden Syrup. I would love to be a bit more adventurous though, so do any of you have any favourite toppings that you could suggest for us?

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