When the weather is fine, you know it’s the time…

For messing about on the river canal! Earlier in the week I told you about our day out in the countryside with Nature Valley. I posted some pictures of my son and I feeding the ducks. We also went for a little stroll along the canal. It was cold and there still isn’t much greenery, but overall the weather was fine and there were some beautiful scenes which I thought I’d share with you all. The picture above (my favourite) shows you a beech tree which has a little bridge to keep it’s roots from touching the water.

These reeds might not look much right now, but they made fantastic reflections on the water.

The ground was rather muddy underfoot, so it was definitely a day for wellies (still hankering after my own pair of brightly coloured Hunters).

Overall there was a hopeful feeling that Spring was on the way, buds were showing and what greenery there was looked very bright.

Looking across the canal we could see some very pretty countryside, the kind that makes you spontaneously break into a round of ‘Land Of Hope & Glory’. Thankfully I refrained, but we’re certainly very lucky to live close enough to visit nature spots like this. Do any of you have a favourite place you like to visit?

3 Responses to When the weather is fine, you know it’s the time…

  1. WOW some great pictures and that Beech tree is amazing!

    Up until last year I lived on the canal (In a narrowboat) so yes, my favourite place is the canal…happy memories!


  2. I've only ever been on daytrips on canal boats, it must have been amazing to live on one! Although maybe a bit cold in winter 😉

  3. People always say that about being cold in winter 🙂 I was sooooo much warmer on a boat than a house! Generally narrowboats are very thick steal, covered in lots of insulation and then thick wood…ours had central heating and a wood burning stove…it was permanently toasty day and night!