Mulled Wine, Snow and a Review

If like me your in the UK then chances are that you have experienced at least a moderate amount of snow over the last few days. But how do you survive these cold spells in good humour? Personally it’s all made me feel rather festive and in the spirit of this I thought I’d bring you this review today. As one of CSN stores preferred bloggers I was recently been given an opportunity to review another item from one of their online stores. With Christmas fast approaching I chose to review the Sagaform Thermal Glass Mulled Wine Mugs (set of 4).

Delivery & Packaging

Delivery was very prompt and as usual carried out by UPS. These are obviously delicate items but they were well packaged and protected.

Do The Mugs Work?

This evening we made some mulled wine and poured it into the glasses. The outside of the mugs stayed cool and easy to hold. But the mulled wine kept it’s temperature for a considerable time. I was very impressed by how well they worked. The design is very clever, but does mean that the glasses feel very fragile. I haven’t dropped one so I’m not sure how robust they are. But then again no glassware is every truly durable.

Would I recommend them?

Definitely! They would make a wonderful gift, or great for when you have friends over during the festive period. They aren’t that large so no one can get overly tipsy, but they offer a lovely little touch to your festivities. The designs are very cute as well.

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