Autumn Watch & Blackberry Cupcakes

Keeping on my theme for the week, Autumn Watch starts this evening on BBC Two at 8.30pm. Time to start hunting for nature in your garden, making bird feeders and preparing for the season ahead.

It’s also the time of year when I start wanting to eat comforting food whether savoury or sweet. My husband jokes that I’m trying to put on weight for winter, in reality the large jumpers and big fluffy coats means we’re probably all a little less self conscious.

Our garden has been full to the brim with blackberries (or Brambles as my Dad calls them). I love this simple way of using them to decorate cupcakes. Just pipe a little cream, pop on a fresh blackberry and ta da you have a really yummy cake!

The dark evenings also drive me to revive hobbies that had fallen by the wayside during the summer months. Currently my knitting needles are getting a work out, keep your eyes peeled as this is to do with an upcoming tutorial!

From a work point of view we’re gearing up for the festive season with new products, old favourites and more. We have launched another new craft kit online this week, our Cupcake Badge!

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