Little Railway for Little (& Big) Folk.

Living in Derbyshire means I’m never short of a view, a hill and plenty of activities to take the children along to. My son absolutely adores trains, trams and all things moving. This weekend he made several requests for a weekend activity, one of which was to visit the Steeple Grange Light Railway. He’s been there countless times, but the appeal of a mini railway never seems to fade.

There are two working lines at present which date back to the 1830s, one with an open carriage that stops by some rocks which still contain undug fossils! The second line has a covered carriage, you might need a shoehorn to get in but it’s alright once your there. The amazing thing is that these trains were created to carry full grown and probably quite burly miners.


This year is the railways 25th anniversary and there’s quite a few events on, this coming weekend is the Teddy Bears Specials Weekend 24/25 July, children can ride for free if they bring their teddies along for the journey. I think there will be a bear sale and bears along the route too.

There are also some wonderful wildflowers all along the track, I loved this purple field scabious. I had to show you the pic below, it really reminded me of the Railway Children 🙂

Final note, I’m so pleased your all so excited about the blog comp 🙂 not long to go now, but still time to enter here if you haven’t already

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