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Has anyone else been watching the new series of Springwatch on the BBC? I get drawn in every season, it’s surprising how exciting it can be watching daily updates on eggs and the development of various species of wildlife. Over the years I’ve been lucky to have seen quite a few interesting animals in the wild, a saw a watervole swimming at Cromford Canal, a doormouse sat in a garden, a weasel playing on the lawn, a woodpecker pecking the grass, hedgehogs, foxes and so on. I have even played a very small part in helping wildlife having once raised a mistle thrush from a tiny chick to release. Unfortunately these sightings seem to have lessened over the years, whether that’s a decline in their existence, or pure bad luck on mine I honestly don’t know. But in honour of Springwatch I have been making a concerted effort to try and keep my eyes open for anything that should cross my path. The results haven’t been spectacular, I believe my garden has leaf cutter bees, plenty of spiders, and more snails than I think strictly necessary, but not much beyond that. I’ve tried to take some pics to share with you all.

If your interested I believe Springwatch are running quite a few wild days out across the country with many taking place this coming weekend. To search for an event near you visit this page

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