Sew Simple Tabi Socks with this Quick and Easy Way to Make Toe Socks

Sew Simple Tabi Socks with this Quick and Easy Way to Make Toe SocksIf you’ve ever admired Japanese Tabi socks or just fancied wearing socks with your toe shoes or sandals then this is the tutorial for you! Japanese Tabi style socks are not only stylish they’re also  super quick and simple to sew, all you need is a regular pair of socks to alter! I whipped up several pairs of these recently when the kids were wearing flip flops as part of a costume and given that it was the end of November I didn’t want their toes freezing off. Cosplay considerations aside they’re also an extremely fun and practical sock design so give them a go today and sew simple Tabi socks with this quick and easy way to make toe socks.


What You’ll Need (this has to be one of the shortest lists I’ve ever written for a tutorial)

A pair of socks


Matching Thread


That’s literally all that’s required, I suppose you also need a pair of feet to measure them on but you’re bound to have all the materials required at home right now.

Step 1

Put your pair of socks onto the recipient’s feet and mark (using a pencil or tailors chalk) a line between the big toe and the rest of the toes.

Step 2

Remove the socks, and carefully cut along your line using scissors.

Step 3

Turn the socks inside out and stitch close to the edge (just like in the pic) using either a sewing machine or by hand.

Step 4

Turn the socks back out the right way, pop on the recipient’s feet and feel smug at your speedy and stylish accomplishment.

Sew Simple Tabi Socks with this Quick and Easy Way to Make Toe Socks

Step 5

Make all your socks into toe socks and wear them with all your flip flops! Or just so you can waggle your toes around the house while feeling all toasty and warm!

Pikachu Cake, Gastly Cake, Soot Sprite Cake and Soul Eater Cake!

Pikachu Cake, Gastly Cake, Soot Sprite Cake and Soul Eater Cake

It was the twin’s birthday quite some time ago and after a crazy year (operations for more than one of us) I’m finally getting around to sharing some pics of their cakes. As they get older they naturally want to develop their individuality so rather than sharing a cake they really wanted to have one each… so I made 4!? Sense and logic was clearly working in my favour on that day but sometimes you just have to do all the things! In case you don’t recognise the characters I made (I bet you recognize at least one Pokemon cake) these are a Pikachu Cake, Gastly Cake, Soot Sprite Cake and Soul Eater Cake! If you’re still none the wiser then read on and I’ll endeavour to explain.

Pikachu CakePikachu Cake

I would assume this cake is fairly self-explanatory and most people will be familiar with this Pokemon or at the very least you’ll have heard of Pokemon. This is actually the second time I’ve caked Pikachu but the last time I made his whole body (he was super fat and fluffy!) and this time it was just his head.

Gastly CakeGastly Cake

Keeping with the theme this is another Pokemon called Gastly. I think he’s some kind of ghost Pokemon but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, I have selective amnesia when it comes to Pokemon thanks to hours and hours (and hours!) of commentary from both my boys. That plus I’m a Jiggly Puff fan!

soot sprite cakeSoot Sprite Cake

I really do love these little guys! The Soot Sprites appear in a couple of the hugely popular Studio Ghibli films My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away and they’re super adorable! Incidentally this was the simplest cake to make and he got eaten first!

soul eater cakeSoul Eater Cake

Less grim than it sounds I promise. Soul Eater is a Japanese manga and anime which takes place in a school run by the Grim Reaper himself Death (as it turns out he’s quite an amusing fellow). It’s one we watch as a family and is a favourite of my daughter.

All in all I think they turned out quite well. I had my reservations on whether we’d manage to eat them all but as it turned out that was a completely crazy and pointless concern (they were gone alarming quickly).

I’m staring down another birthday in the not too distant future, can I beat these 4 cakes though? We shall see…Pikachu Cake, Gastly Cake, Soot Sprite Cake and Soul Eater Cake



Easy Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

Easy homemade pizza dough recipePizza makes a semi regular appearance in our household, however it doesn’t come delivered in boxes or wrapped in plastic from the supermarket. The only pizza we regularly consume is our very own homemade variety. The need for a good pizza dough recipe arose not out of a wish to be healthy but because ever since visiting Italy many years ago I’ve loved super thin pizzas covered with fresh and appetising toppings. I really don’t enjoy greasy pizzas and I certainly doubt they offer much in nutritional value for my kids. With that in mind my husband and I tinkered about and came up with this easy homemade pizza dough recipe. It makes 4 thin pizzas, but if you prefer a deeper crust you could just make 2.


500g Strong white flour (bread flour works well, or a combo of plain and bread flour)

2Tsp Salt

14g Dried yeast (normally this is 2 small packets worth)

2Tsp Olive oil

300ml Warm water


Pop all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and gradually mix in the water (I use a stand mixer with dough hook attachment to do this).

Once mixed knead the dough for about 4 mins if using a stand mixer or 10 minutes by hand (on a floured surface).

Cover mixing bowl with cling film and pop dough in a warm place to rise (I use the airing cupboard) for about 45mins – 1hour until doubled in size (see pics).

Divide dough into 4 pieces and stretch or roll to fit your baking trays. Cover with tomatoes (or passata) and whatever toppings you fancy. I really enjoy the simplicity of cheese and tomato with just a sprinkle of basil.

Bake in a preheated oven about 175C for approximately 8 mins until golden.

Note. Obviously if you choose to make 2 deeper crusted pizzas these will take longer to cook.