Autumn and Halloween crafts with Bostik!

The nights are closing in and cold air is sweeping through our homes, Autumn is definitely here! There’s no need to be downcast though, less time out playing means more time indoors crafting for all members of the family. Today I’m showing you some fun Autumn and Halloween crafts that your kids are bound to enjoy. As part of the Bostik Craft Bloggers Network I receive a regular box of themed goodies that let my kids and I enjoy a great afternoon coming up with interesting ideas that are fun to make.

DSC_0209This month our box contained:

Lolly Sticks
Pipe Cleaners
Faux Leaves
Bostik Glu Dots
Bostik Glu Pen
Polystyrene Balls
Melting Beads
Greaseproof Paper

Here’s what that lovely box turned into:


Autumn Peg Fairies

A slight twist on the standard peg person, these peg fairies look great standing on a shelf or hung upon a tree.

Autumn Peg Fairies

Using the Bostik Glu dots two leaves are wrapped around a peg to create the fairy’s skirt.IMG_0498

Next cut a lolly stick into a few pieces and secure to both sides of the peg using the Bostik Glu Dots to make arms.IMG_0502

Wrap ribbon around the peg over and under the arms to make the bodice. Secure using the Bostik Glu Pen.IMG_0504

Next two leaves are used to make the wings. Using a Bostik Glu Dot stick part of a leaf down as shown in the following picture.IMG_0505

Stick to the back of your fairy.IMG_0509

We left our fairies looking simple, but of course you could create hair using wool and draw on a face.

Pumpkin & Skeleton Decorations

Made with specially designed beads these pumpkin and skeleton designs are the work of my son and husband. They could also be used as seasonal coasters.


The beads are arranged in your chosen design upon a board. A piece of greaseproof paper is then laid upon the design and ironed. The iron melts the beads which joins them together.


Spider Monster and Eyeball Decorations


My daughter and youngest son made these designs by colouring in polystyrene balls. The spider monster then had pipe cleaners pushed into place and secured using the Bostik glu pen to make legs. They are very proud of their spooky creations.

Make your own Fabric Knitting Bag, Pencil Roll & Fabric Flowers with Bostik!

Time for my latest post as part of the Bostik Craft Bloggers Network. With this box of crafty goodies my kids and I made a knitting bag for my daughter, a pencil roll and gorgeous fabric flowers complete with their own vase. Bostik kindly sent me a box containing the items seen in the picture below:


The key ingredient in this box was Bostik Sew Simple fabric glue. This amazing glue allows you to stick fabric together in an instant, completely bypassing the need for laborious sewing.


Fabric Flowers with Vase!


To make the vase for our flowers we used the Bostik Sew Simple fabric glue to attach fabric to a simple cardboard container. At the base the fabric is clipped into wide strips to allow them to be folded and glued into place.DSC_0850

The flowers are made by cutting a strip of fabric wider than a pipe cleaner. The fabric is glued along one edge to cover the pipe cleaner, keep a small piece of pipe cleaner sticking out of each end.DSC_0853

Another pipe cleaner is looped around the first on one end, this will create the stem of your flower.DSC_0855

The fabric is then bent and wrapped around the stem to create a flower shape. To finish wrap the end of the first pipe cleaner tightly around the stem to secure.DSC_0859

Make several more and display in your brand new fabric vase!


Knitting Bag!

My daughter has only recently started to knit and as any knitter will know having a bag to keep your needles and wool in is essential to avoid complete confusion and tangled threads.DSC_0352

The bag is just a plain fabric bag. Using the Bostik Sew Simple fabric glue we stuck a large panel of cotton fabric to the front. My daughter then selected colourful foam letters which spell out ‘Knitting’ and glued them into place.DSC_0345

Inside the bag we attached a smaller piece of fabric, which was the perfect size to slip her knitting needles into. This was sewn into place to give a little extra strength.


DSC_0349Pencil Roll!

If your children are anything like mine then you’ll be used to finding stray pencils and crayons in all manner of places. Having a pencil roll keeps the best of them organised and is perfect for taking on a trip out and about.DSC_0348

To make the pencil roll I adapted a tutorial I found online at It’s a great little tutorial and definitely worth a go.



My dream bathroom

Today I was driving through the Derbyshire countryside when I drove past an imposing Georgian residence. It was tall, attractive and surrounded by a hedge crafted into animal shapes! Unfortunately I haven’t won the lottery, so I’ve got no chance of owning such a grand home for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean I can’t improve my own modest and much loved home.

While I’m not in the market for building a billiard room any time soon, making my house feel a little grander is always an appealing proposition. Unfortunately I am actually very sentimental about many items within my home and the only room which I could happily gut is the bathroom.

I’ve written about our bathroom before and how I wanted to create a Victorian room complete with roll top bath and butler. Thankfully I never saw my ideas to fruition because I have been changing my mind and that might have been an expensive mistake. I wondered if a Victorian style could appear too cold and stark, making the room uninviting? Perhaps a modern look complete with clean lines and curved edges might look more relaxed.Tiles

While mulling over several options and annoying my husband with a huge batch of catalogues I had acquired, I watched a movie about a couple living in Morocco. Instantly I knew just how to redecorate! Moroccan style mosaic tiles, bright colours and jewelled fittings. Of course this would be a decadent design, but surely that’s what everyone wants within a bathroom!Mira Galena Shower

Shiny taps, atmospheric lighting and soft furnishings would set the scene. I currently have a telephone mixer tap which is lovely to look at, but does have its downsides. It’s directly connected to the taps and water pressure can suffer as a result. An electric shower would solve that problem and working independently from the taps sounds like a really great idea. I’d like a shower like this one called the Mira Galena, you can view the Mira electric shower range here. Mira also claim their showers last 50% longer, and as we do suffer from lime scale in our area that would be quite reassuring.London Bath

For the bath I’d love a super deep design, maybe freestanding to give an impact as you enter the room. I found this gorgeous one called the “London Bath”. Then I would hang soft draping curtains around the tub to add to the luxurious

Of course if remodelling is not an option (I’m working on my husband but he hasn’t agreed yet) and buying a new home is not on the cards, then you could always sew yourself a dream home until you can afford the real thing. I made this little beauty from wool felt and tweed fabrics. I’d build it in real life if I could but for now a cushion is as close as I’ll get.