Rachel’s Limited Edition Seasonal Fruits Yogurt Review

I’ve been a fan of Rachel’s Organic yogurts for awhile now, so when they asked me to review their new limited edition seasonal fruits multipack I was more than happy to oblige.

The multipack consists of 2 X 120g pots of Apple & Cinnamon yogurt and 2 X 120g pots of Apple & Rhubarb yogurt. These limited edition flavours promise a mouthwatering serving of Rachel’s goodness in wonderful seasonal flavours, but did they live up to my already high expectations?

I tried the Apple and Cinnamon flavour and was instantly impressed. Autumn/Winter always conjures up images in my mind of homemade pies and baked apples all liberally dosed with cinnamon. This little pot managed to deliver all the flavours but with nothing like the calories or hard work. The apple flavour is fresh while the cinnamon gives a wonderful wintry taste. The only problem… there were only two pots and I would have liked them to be larger 🙂

Next I tried the Apple & Rhubarb, again this yogurt displayed the usual Rachel’s creaminess, but neither the apple flavour or rhubarb were overwhelming. There can be a tendency for rhubarb to be overly sharp or stringy, but here it was subtle and well blended. Another very enjoyable yogurt.

For me there was was really no contest though, the Apple and Cinnamon had to be the winner and I’d be happy to see it in larger pots and available all year round.

Would I recommend this product?

Definitely, they have the usual Rachel’s taste, but with fresh new seasonal flavours that are sure to please.

Could it be improved in anyway?

Only it they were available in larger pots and become a regular member of the Rachel’s range.


For more information about Rachel’s Organic and their products visit them online at www.rachelsorganic.co.uk. On the website you can also find a huge range of mouthwatering recipes!


Rachel’s Organic Ice Cream Bombe Recipe!

I was recently sent a box full of Rachel’s Organic yogurts. Amongst the new flavours were some old favourites, so I decided to try out one of Rachel’s new seasonal recipes to share with out all. Here’s how I got on!

I loved the sound of this recipe as soon as I read it, ice-cream, fruit and Rachel’s, what’s not to love! As we had family coming to share in our new year festivities it seemed like the perfect time to give this recipe a try. It was absolutely amazing! The sauce came out a little too thick (and rather less photogenic) but it tasted sensational and I think this wondrous little pudding will become a firm family favourite.

What You’ll Need

200g dried fruit (sultanas, sour cherries, cranberries, blueberries)

6 tbsp brandy or dark rum (optional)

2 tbsp dark brown sugar

350ml double cream

300g Rachel’s Greek Style Bio Live Natural Yogurt

100g Rachel’s Low Fat Vanilla Bio Live Yogurt

200g frozen berries (raspberries or mixed summer)

For the sauce:

200g cranberries, fresh or frozen

100g caster sugar

1 tbsp cornflour

2 tbsp water

Step 1

Soak the dried fruit in the alcohol (we used Brandy) and leave overnight. Tip. Rachel’s suggest that you can also microwave the fruit on high for 2-3 minutes if you’re short on time.

Step 2

Line a 2 litre pudding basin with clingfilm, leaving enough overhang to cover the pudding completely.

Step 3

Whip the cream and yogurts to soft peaks, add the frozen berries (we used raspberries) and stir. Add the soaked fruit and mix well.

Step 4

Carefully spoon into the pudding basin, pushing the mixture down and leveling off the surface. Cover with the leftover clingfilm. Place in the freezer overnight.

Step 5

Before serving remove the pudding from the freezer to allow it to thaw slightly. Then invert the basin onto a plate to release the pudding. Peel off the clingfilm.

Step 6

To make the sauce place the cranberries and sugar into a saucepan and gently heat until all the sugar has dissolved. Mix together the cornflour and water and gradually add to the cranberries and sugar. Allow to thicken and then remove from the heat. Pour the sauce over the bombe and allow to trickle down (I got a little over enthusiastic with the sauce as you’ll see in the picture).

For more yummy recipe ideas from Rachel’s Organic visit www.rachelsorganic.co.uk.

Rachel’s Organics Yogurt Review

I love yogurt, it’s good for you, it’s yummy and it’s a wonderful ingredient to cook with. But with so many varieties on the market it can be hard to make a choice when you hit the shops.

I’ll attempt to make that choice somewhat easier with today’s review of Rachel’s Organic Yogurts. I’ve previously posted a couple of recipes using these yogurts and they were both extremely successful. For more yummy treats visit the recipe section of Rachel’s Website here.

Greek Style Honey

I’ll start with Rachel’s Greek Style Honey Yogurt. Having previously used this yogurt in a yummy BBQ recipe I had some experience of how delicious this particular flavour is. Eaten on it’s own it has a thick, creamy texture. This flavour is very smooth, not a hint of sharpness. The honey flavour is balanced perfectly, not so potent that you can feel your head spinning with sweetness, nor so subtle that you have to concentrate to remember it’s there. It’s become a fast favourite here, both children and adults rate it highly!

This variety is available at:

  • All Waitrose
  • Most Tesco supermarkets
  • Most Sainsbury’s supermarkets
  • Most Morrrisons
  • Ocado
  • Independent health and whole food shops

Available in sizes 450g & 350g

Greek Style Coconut

Next we tried Rachel’s Greek Style Coconut. Much like the honey flavour, the texture of this yogurt was thick, creamy and very luxuriant. The coconut addition is the main difference in texture. It isn’t just a flavouring, you can feel the coconut landing on your tongue. Personally I enjoyed this extra sensation, but if you’re expecting a completely 100% smooth yogurt, this isn’t. Again my children loved this flavour too, so it’s definitely family friendly.

This variety is available at:

  • Most Sainsbury’s supermarkets
  • Most Waitrose
  • Some Tesco supermarkets
  • Ocado
  • Independent health and whole food shops

Available in sizes 450g & 350g

Wholemilk Blueberry

Wholemilk Blueberry had a slightly more runny consistency. We ate it with some pudding and were delighted at the light, natural taste. Again not overly sugary, very fresh and authentically fruity. You can tell it’s a quality product.

This variety is available at:

  • All Waitrose
  • Ocado
  • Independent health and whole food shops

Available in 450g sizes

Low-fat Apple and Elderflower

This flavour was actually my favourite of the bunch. Extremely fresh and delightful. It’s actually because I liked it so much that I had one teeny, tiny complaint. It was a little too runny in consistency. I tasted some that had thickened on the lid and the flavours were more potent and even more delicious. A slightly thicker texture would make this the most heavenly yogurt imaginable (in my opinion).

This variety is available at:

  • Ocado
  • Independent health and whole food shops
  • Most Sainsbury’s supermarkets
  • Most Tesco supermarkets
  • Most Waitrose

Available in 450g sizes

Tropical Multipack: Peach & Passion fruit, Mango & Vanilla, Orange & Mango and Pineapple & Papaya

Finally I’ll finish with a Tropical Multipack. Each yogurt was a decent size and had very attractive packaging. I immediately launched in to try out the Mango & Vanilla pot. Perhaps I was expecting too much, but I was a little disappointed that the vanilla flavour was not very strong. It tasted predominantly of Mango with a literal hint of vanilla.

Peace & Passionfruit was very pleasant, but didn’t strike me as the most original flavour I had ever tasted. But in comparison to a lot of brands, this is definitely fresher tasting.

Orange & Mango was  a fresh little pot of yogurt that was a pleasure to eat.

Pineapple & Papaya. I loved this flavour, fresh, simple and delicious. I’d like it in a larger pot.

Overall I absolutely loved these yogurts.  As a family we are definitely Rachel’s converts. The fact they are tasty, organic, stylish and come with ingenious pots that are a doddle to recycle are all in their favour.

If you forced me to pick a Must Buy yogurt out of this little group (and that would be a hard task) I would say if you can only buy one pot, then go for Greek Style Honey. It’s a wonderful product, versatile enough to be eaten on it’s own, over breakfast/desert, added to recipes and more. I really can find no fault with it.