What is there at Drayton Manor if you don’t like rides?

PanoramaDraytonTheme Parks are great if you love the thrill of white knuckle rides but if a park doesn’t offer anything for people less keen to scream, then it can make for a disappointing day out. Standing on the side-lines or even worse acting as some kind of human coat-stand while your friends ride the rails of terror is absolutely no fun! Luckily I am an ambassador for my favourite theme park so I’m pretty familiar with all they have to offer. Today I’m talking to those chaps and chapettes who likes their days out to contain less g-force. So what is there at Drayton Manor if you don’t like rides? Absolutely loads! Plus you never have to step foot on a ride if you don’t want too.carouseldrayton

In the Main Park

The Carousel – Probably my personal favourite, ok it’s still a ride but it’s a pretty sedate one and it’s an awful lot of fun for big kids like myself.

Polperro Express – a cute little steam engine that drives around the lake. Watch the swans, ducks (or herons if you’re lucky) and relax safe in the knowledge that you’re not on Stormforce 10 (a water ride) that drips from above.

Drayton Queen Boat – take a leisurely boat trip across the lake aboard the Drayton Queen.

The 4D Cinema – Currently showing Yogi Bear in wondrous 4D! The cinema is so much fun for all ages and is bound to get you laughing.

Bryan’s Works Machines – Take some pennies and play on the old penny slot machines.

The Chairlift – Depending on your sensitivity to height then this one might be out, but these chairs take a gentle pace as they glide into the air so you can view the park from above.

Big Wheel – Another one not for the height sensitive, the big wheel is a relaxing ride of fun.

Various Games Stalls & the Arcade – these do come with associated costs, but hook-a-duck and basketball are always pretty easy going and lots of fun.

LizardThe Zoo

The zoo is full to bursting with all kinds of wonderful animals, including Lynx, Tigers, Monkeys, parrots and much more! If you watch my video at the end of this post you can see a few of my favourites.

RheaThe Farm Park

The farm park has quite a few more animals including Flamingo, Ostriches, Reindeer and more. Plus there’s the wonderful Discover Thomas exhibition where all the adults can reminisce watching the original Thomas the Tank engine ride around the track (he’s animated these days).


My kids and I made a little video to show some of our favourite non-ride fun 🙂


Drayton Manor hosts wonderful events all year round and they are bound to excite even the most ride resistant visitor. The next event is the epic War of the Worlds Firework spectacular!DraytonFireworks

The event takes place Friday 30th October, to Sunday 1st November. The fireworks begin at 7pm (last admission is 6pm), and a whole host of rides will remain open until 9pm. Plus there will be the amazing Firework display set to the War of the Worlds soundtrack.


There’s Thomas Land for the smaller visitors with plenty of gentle rides or you can take a walk through the Dinosaur Trail and learn some new facts about your favourite dino friends.

Finally it would be remiss of me to mention the nature trail at Drayton. I must admit I haven’t managed to do this one myself as there is so much on offer at the park there just hasn’t been time… yet!

For more information pop over to the Drayton Manor website.


Visiting Drayton Manor With A Toddler

PanoramaDraytonA couple of weekends ago the family and I visited Drayton Manor Theme Park with some friends. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but it occurred to me that not everyone with little ones will realise that visiting Drayton Manor with a toddler is actually surprisingly affordable!

Drayton Manor offer a Parent and Toddler Pass which admits one adult accompanied by a toddler aged 3 or under entry into the park for just £20. Understandably some parents I have spoken to have had concerns about how much a theme park can offer to a very young child but there’s plenty to see and do. Thomas Land in particular is filled with entertaining rides for mini peeps, there’s even a fantastic soft play area. Venturing out of Thomas Land and you can visit the Carousel, ride on the Polperro Express train or take in a movie in the 4d cinema. That’s before you’ve even begun to visit the Zoo, Dinosaur Trail or Farm Park. There really is plenty to see for all the family.emilytrain

In fact I am working on a post that details the best features of the park for those visitors who don’t really enjoy rides in general. I’ve put a video together with some help from the kids and while it’s not specifically aimed at the smallest of visitors, it does give a good overview of some of the best sights if white knuckle rides aren’t quite your thing, so I’ll pop it below.

The Parent and Toddler pass is available during the Staffordshire term-time and full details can be seen on the Drayton Manor website here.

UK’s first ever Child Concierge at Drayton Manor

childconcierge2Half term is looming and parents all over the country are asking themselves how to keep their little peeps happy! If that sounds like you then perhaps a trip to Drayton Manor is in order. Too far for a day trip? Never fear, with an onsite hotel the fun can last even longer. Plus this half term you can meet the UK’s first ever Child Concierge at Drayton Manor.


ChildconciergeNine year old Noah Reeve-Walters, dressed in a mini concierge uniform will be available to give assistance to the younger guests from 25th-29th May. Any burning questions like:

‘Where should I sit on Stormforce 10 to get the best soaking’

‘How wobbly is the jelly in the restaurant’ or even ‘Where can I get the best ice-cream in the park’.

Noah will be able to answer them all with a smile on his face!

Noah said: “I love Drayton Manor Theme Park, but it’s always the adults who give the advice, so I thought it should be the kids who get to ask their questions for a change. I’m prepared and ready to give my expert kid opinion!”

donutsMeeting Noah at the hotel is only the start to a fun filled day at the park. I recently became an Ambassador for Drayton Manor, so I’ll be sharing posts detailing all our adventures as we explore throughout the year.


We had a flying visit there last Friday (had to get back for a prior engagement), the Carousel was our favourite ride on this trip. A true classic that’s great for kids of all ages (I include myself in that statement!) My youngest would only brave a sled the first time, but we’ve successfully migrated to a Chicken with Mummy riding on the rear holding tightly!! I believe the Carousel dates all the way back to 1898! Give it a go the next time you visit.carousel