Crochet Phone Case Pattern tutorial

phone-casesCrochet and knitting have been experiencing a fashionable revival in recent years, there’s even been quite a few celebrities getting in on the fun. Whether you are an avid Knitter, Crocheter or general Hobbyist, then chances are you have a stash of threads/wool left over from previous projects. But there’s no need to consign them to the rubbish bin, with todays Crochet phone case pattern.

I actually wrote this pattern several years ago for the Boden Community  but I think it would make a great homemade present so thought I’d share it again

We all seem to live our lives through our mobile phones and Crocheted phone cases are not only pretty, they’re practical too! First they help to protect your screen, second they don’t muffle the ringing tone as solid cases can.

What You’ll Need

Left over DK Wool or DK Cotton yarn

A Mobile Phone

3.5mm Crochet Needlechain

To Begin

Begin by making a chain long enough to go right around your phone. Mine was 26 chains and then use a slip stitch to join into a ring.First-colour


Round 1ch 1, 25 dc, (this is one dc into every chain stitch), then sl st into first chain to close up the circle. Round 2ch 3 and then work 1 tr into each stitch until you have completed the circle and then join with a sl st. Round 3Join second colour into top of any tr st from last round, ch 3 and the work 1 tr into each stitch until you have completed the circle and then join with a sl st. Rounds 4 – 13. Join in new colours , ch 3 and then work 1 tr into each stitch until you have completed the circle and then join with a sl st. You may need to adjust the amount of rounds you complete here depending on the size of your phone.strips


Last Round 

ch 1, dc into each stitch of the last round and join with a sl st.

endsSewing Up

To sew up, turn your phone case inside out and use a large needle to weave in all the loose ends. To close the bottom of the case, sew along the edge with an over sewing stitch.

Once all ends are sewn in, turn the case the right way out. To close, sew on a button and then join the yarn to the top edge and make enough chain stitches to be fit over the button.

Mine was 18 chain stitches. Finally weave in these ends and place your phone in its smart new case. Here are some more examples of cases I have made.



ch: chain dc: double crochet sl st: slip stitch tr: treble crochet



The Woollen Woods in Derbyshire

A month or so ago I wrote about the upcoming Woollen Woods project that I was taking part in. Knitters from near and far created woodland creatures to be hung in Belper Park Woods as part of the Here and There Art Trail taking place in the town. The event was a huge success and seemed to delight everyone who was able to visit.

For those who were too far away or otherwise couldn’t make it I thought I’d post up a few snapshots plus a wonderful video created by the chaps at Ablewild.owlswool

I forgot to take my camera so these were only taken on my phone but the animals were so fabulous that even a dodgy phone picture can’t spoil them! I think the pic above should be named ‘Owls in Love’.


Red squirrels eating acorns, ‘real’ red squirrels are such a rare sight that it was lovely to see our native breed even if only in knitted form. This must be Mummy, Daddy and baby squirrel.


These three snails look distinctly like they might be up to no good, perhaps they were gossiping about the other animals in the woods that day.


This guy has obviously eaten all of the acorns and is now having a rest by some beautiful flowers.


There were even tree climbing bunnies, a sight you’ll only see in Derbyshire!! No doubt he was trying to get a better look at all the other chaps hiding in the trees.

I didn’t get a decent photo of everything (there was loads there!) and I was rather caught up hunting with my kids to find it all. The following video shows off a lot more but even this misses out some of the pieces, it just gives a wonderful feel of the whole event. My kids feature a lot in the video, my youngest took far more photos with his Grannie’s camera than I did. Hopefully the event will take place again next year and it is definitely worth a visit if you can.

The Here And There Art Walk with Woollen Woods in Belper, Derbyshire.

During the weekend 23rd – 25th May 2015 the Here and There Art Walk is due to take place in Belper Parks wood in Derbyshire. Artists of all kinds have been encouraged to join in with this event and artwork should be popping up amongst the trees for all to see. Rather than getting out my pen and paper I’m joining in with the yarn bomb inspired by the Woollen Woods event taking place countrywide. All manner of knitted woodland creatures will be taking up residence in the branches and it’s sure to be a welcome sight for any families, dog walkers or art trail visitors.

woollenwoodssquirrelUnfortunately my contribution is rather tiny at the moment. I’ve got no excuse really, I just keep forgetting to knit! In fact my knitting has been so slow to progress, that you might be forgiven thinking I was trying to break some kind of world record for the slowest growth of stitches! I have contributed a mouse so far (he’s quite small though) and I’ve been knitting a squirrel forever, so long in fact that I thought he was a fox until I double checked the pattern and realised I’d forgotten what I was making. At this rate I really should be knitting a snail!

If you want to get involved (and you’re faster than me) there’s still time to knit, crochet or otherwise combine textiles to be included in the woods. All you need to do is get in contact with the Yarn bombing organiser Anne Clark of Anne Clark Handmade and I’m sure she’d love to see your efforts.

If you don’t fancy getting involved with making any of the creatures then do pop along to see them all in situ, hopefully the weather will be good but the knitting should be at least partially protected from any rain under the leaves and branches.