Hidden Giants, Jungles & Birds!

The summer seems to have flown by this year and I barely had time to notice it. Thankfully we did manage to squeeze in a short holiday to Cornwall. I have always loved this area since I was a child. One of my favourite places to visit is the Lost Garden’s Of Heligan, it has a fantastic history and even more fantastic plants. I’m not sure the photos completely do it justice but I really wanted to try and show you the amazing scenes.

Here is a living sculture called the Sleeping Lady. There is also a Giant’s head that seems to be emerging from the ground.

There are many different areas to explore but I am particularly partial to the jungle. It’s set in a valley with lots of tropical plants. It definitely has an ancient feel to it, I wouldn’t have been completely surprised if a lizard had crossed my path, or better yet a dinosaur!

We even made friends with this young Robin, although I suspect he was after our sandwiches really. The birds in particular seem very used to people, which allows for unusual closeness. We even spied a Nuthatch!


I was rather envious of their vegetable gardens, they were growing everything from Pumpkins to Pineapples. It reminded me of Mr McGregors garden in Peter Rabbit, big piles of terracotta pots everywhere and plenty of vegetables to munch.

I never leave Heligan without buying some of their honey produced by their very own bees. It’s absolutely delicious, but with such varieties of flowers it’s easy to see why they have such happy insects. If you ever find yourself in this area of Cornwall (it’s near to St. Austell) be sure to check it out.