Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review

Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review

Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review

I can’t be the only one who is willing Spring to hurry up and make an appearance!! Warmer days, longer evenings and the chance for more family days out, I can’t wait! Thomas Land and Drayton Manor’s 2016 season is about to start in earnest (the full park reopens 12th March) but before all the thrill rides are back Drayton is hosting two Thomas & Friends Weekends events. Last Saturday the park invited lots of bloggers including my family to the first weekend, so today is our Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review!Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review

As usual we had a wonderful time, despite a chilly start. The park is looking as good as ever and there’s loads of new additions coming soon. The Tamarin Trail opens just before Easter and offers you the chance to get up close to some moustached marmosets as you walk through the new enclosure, so this year promises to be better than ever!Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review

The park partially reopened for the Thomas and friends Weekends event which is also running on the 5th & 6th March. Thanks to Thomas Land’s expansion in 2015 plus the zoo, farm, cinema, carousel and so on there’s still plenty to do, in fact we were exhausted when we got back home.

Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review

Thomas Land is great for all ages but it’s really aimed at families (and kids at heart) so here’s what my mini train conductors thought:Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review

Little Miss Train Driver:

There are loads of animals at Drayton, I love riding Thomas and watching the other trains. Rides like Jeremy (Jeremy’s Flying School) and Troublesome Trucks are really epic! They always make me laugh and Troublesome Trucks makes my eyes water when you go round the fast bit! Toby’s amazing because he swings round and goes up and down, once I went on him seven times in a row! I really want to go back soon, especially when the new monkey trail opens in the zoo 🙂

Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 ReviewMini Controller

Thomas Land has a water bit which is really fun because you spray water at a house which is on fire (Flynn’s Fire & Rescue). Then there’s also another water ride that you can go on (Captain’s Seas Adventure) and sometimes you can spray onto the walls and sometimes you can get really wet! There’s a driving school (Terrence’s Driving School) where you can drive Terrence around a track, I’m the only one small enough to go on it and it’s great.

Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review

The Biggest Signalman (who in the pic above is illustrating how not to dismount a horse)

The rollercoasters are great, Cranky is awesome when you drop up and down fast, that’s definitely one of my favourite rides. I really like Rocking Bulstrode the Tug Boat as well, it spins really fast which make us laugh. Although the first ride I always go on is Troublesome Trucks, they go really fast and I love rollercoasters! Plus Mummy loves the Carousel (it’s true I do!)Thomas Land Weekends at Drayton Manor 2016 Review

As you can tell we always have a great time when we visit but just in case you need more convincing watch our short video which captures some of our favourite rides, plus a flamingo or two and a talking Cockatoo!

For more information

Tickets for the Thomas & Friends Weekends Events are priced at just £15 (pre-booked) for ages 12-59 with concessions available. Check out the event page here.

Visit Drayton Manor online for more details of upcoming events and attractions and to book early bird price tickets.

Disclaimer: We were provided free tickets to the event but all opinions are my own.

Half Term Fun With The Ministry of Food

Parents all over the country are either breathing a sigh of relief (no school runs for awhile) or mildly panicking on entertainment choices as half term begins. Happily I can point you in the direction of an exciting free event which is also educational (just don’t tell the kids!)

The Ministry of Food is staging a whole week of activities at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester. Learn about rationing and growing your own food during the Second World War. Ask why carrots were once eaten on sticks or parsnips used as a substitute for pineapple. Why were people encouraged to ‘Dig For Victory’ or what on earth is Woolton Pie?

The kids wont have time to get bored with creative sessions, hands-on art activities, storytelling and music. They’ll even be able to handle real artifacts!

Depending on which day you choose to visit, you could make your own gardener’s apron, colourful fruit basket or allotment tote bag. Under 5s are also catered for, Jo Jingles will be providing sing along sessions all based around food and growing your own. My children received some Jo Jingles sampler CDs and I’m sure your kids will love her.

There’s also a 360 degree cinema style experience to see the ‘War At Home Big Picture Show’.

The Museum Cafe is getting in on the act as well, selling ‘Ration Bags’ to hungry visitors.


Open Studio Family Drop-in Session 22-30 October – daily 1-4pm.

Creative Activities:

  • Gardeners Apron, 22, 23 October.
  • Bountiful Baskets, 24, 25, 29, 30 October.
  • Allotment Totes, 26, 27 & 28 October.

Jo Jingles Session (under 5s) 22, 25, 27 & 29 October.

Timestacks Object Handling, daily at 12.30pm and 3.30pm.

Visit the Imperial War Museum North website for more details