My favourite Disney film

Having recently heard that Disney has acquired the rights to the Stars Wars franchise (and there’s a new film in the works too!) it got me thinking about all the myriad of Disney films I own and wondering if I do infact have a favourite.

Ask me as a child and I could have easily answered, it was without a doubt Robin Hood. I knew the songs and I annoyed my brother by watching it again and again and again.

As a teenager my favourite Disney film was the Nightmare Before Christmas, brilliant animation, wonderful story and amazing songs. Most important of all though it’s cool to like the Nightmare Before Christmas!

As an adult and parent I’m rather partial to the Disney Pixar films, their subtle jokes which keep Mum and Dad chuckling always seem to fit brilliantly with the magical animation which keeps children engaged (blissfully so at times).

So do I have a favourite??? I think I do depending on my mood, but I don’t think I could completely narrow it down to one all time must have. Not least because Disney keeps making brilliant films (I say this having recently watched Frankenweenie).

Unfortunately my indulgence only goes as far as the Disney films and the Disney store, I have never been to any of the holiday parks. Not for lack of trying, I bugged my parents regularly from the day EuroDisney (as it was) turned into Disney Land Paris, but I never got to go.

One day I will rectify this dreadful oversight and I’ll indulge my childish side completely. In fact I may have been looking at dates next year already (don’t tell my husband) but there’s so much choice! I did find Paris Est one of Al Fresco Holiday’s holiday parks that is close to Disney Land Paris, which does have some great deals currently available for 2013 bookings. Only time will tell I suppose 🙂

What’s your favourite Disney film?

Celebrate Bastille Day with Jean-Cristophophe Novelli’s Crispy granary bruschetta, with poached egg, spinach and a Port Salut glaze Recipe!

This Saturday (14th July) is Bastille Day in France. To celebrate famous French chef Jean-Christope Novelli has created two fabulous recipes in conjunction with Port Salut. Today I’m very pleased to be able to share one of these with you all ‘Crispy granary bruschetta, with poached egg, spinach and a Port Salut glaze’.


4 large eggs

2-3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar

4 thick slices of ciabatta bread

25ml olive oil

1/2 tsp dried herbs

400g washed baby spinach leaves

For the glaze

100ml double cream

4 egg yolks

100g Port Salut (thinly sliced)

50g butter

Sprinkle of ground nutmeg

Place the slices of ciabatta on a baking sheet, brush with olive oil and season with dried herbs, salt and pepper.

Place in a hot oven (180⁰C) and bake until crisp and golden brown (approx. 5 mins) then set aside on serving dishes.

Bring a large pan of water to the boil and add a couple of tablespoons of white wine vinegar.

Stir with a whisk to start a circular motion in the water and crack in the eggs one at a time, immediately turn down to a simmer – 3-4 minutes for a soft egg, 5-7 minutes for a hard poached egg.

In a saucepan, bring the cream to the boil and reduce for a few minutes to thicken and then remove from the heat.

Stir in the Port Salut and the eggs, allowing the cheese to melt.

In a frying pan, add the butter and the spinach, cover and bring to the boil. When soft and wilted, strain to remove any excess water.

Season with salt and pepper and spoon an equal amount onto each slice of ciabatta.

Top with an egg and mask with the cheese and cream mix.

Place under a hot grill until bubbling and golden brown.

Garnish with snipped chives and serve.

Nicolas Feuillatte 1/4 Champagne Review

I love champagne and not just for celebrations. So when I was recently sent two Nicolas Feuillatte 1/4 Champagne bottles (Rose & Brut) to review I was understandably quite excited. But not all Champagnes are created equal, there are those that I love and those that I don’t.  I had no idea which side of the lines these little cuties would land, but I was more than happy to find out.

If you’re not aware of Nicolas Feuillatte then let me enlighten you. Nicolas Feuillatte was founded in 1976, making it the worlds youngest global Champagne brand. But during the last 35 years it has grown to become the number one Champagne brand in France. That alone speaks volumes when you consider the ancient powerhouses that tend to frequent the market. As today’s review will prove they are also young in their outlook, creating attractive and modern bottles that can appeal to old and new Champagne fans alike.

Nicolas Feuillatte 1/4 Rose Champagne

If I love Champagne, then I adore Rose Champagne. This could mean that I love any brand that I happen to come across. Actually the opposite is true and I am now quite particular. I will start with the bottle itself. I think no one could fail to fall for this sweet little design. It’s quirky and fun whilst retaining a classy exterior. With a screw top ‘cork’ it’s also incredibly easy to get into.

Upon opening it smelled divine, deep and rich. When I took my first sip I was hit by an instant and deep red fruit taste. This was beautifully accompanied by lightly spiced back notes, think cinnamon spiced fruit at Christmas. The bubbles were playful and light, not sharp or harsh on the tongue. It was also very refreshing, which is not something that can be said of all Champagnes. Overall I truly fell in love with this little bottle and my only complaint was that I did not have more of it.

Nicolas Feuillatte 1/4 Brut Champagne

Once again I loved the design of this little chap, he screams fun and class in one breath.

I have tried many Brut Champagnes over the years and they are not all to my liking. Perhaps my most common complaint is a slight stale back taste, which my favourite brands manage to avoid. Thankfully I had no such complaint here. The aroma upon pouring was crisp and fruity,  with an almost orange flower smell. I felt the bubbles were slightly softer than in it’s Rose counterpart. Once again it was fresh and modern whilst being extremely well rounded in flavour. It also managed to retain a sophisticated edge which made the whole flavour rather comforting. I couldn’t fault this little bottle and of the two I would say it was the one that surprised me the most. I even let me husband in on the fun and astounded him with just how delightful Nicolas Feuillatte 1/4 Brut is. While he enjoys Rose Champagne, he has never before thought of himself as a traditional Champagne fan. Thankfully this little cutey seems to have converted him!

Would I recommend this product?

Without a doubt. It’s the kind of Champagne that even non-Champagne lovers can appreciate. It’s light and fruity enough to please even the most sensitive of palates. Whilst being traditional and sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by the true Champagne connoisseur.

It’s also extremely well priced and would make a fabulous gift.

Could it be improved in anyway?

I love the mini bottle design. But I think it would be wonderful if a 1/2 bottle was available with the same funky appearance.


Available to purchase exclusively at John Lewis, the Rose is priced at just £10 and the Brut at £9.