Fabric Flower Tutorial

Today I thought I’d share a fabric flower tutorial with you all, we’ve been making these for years and they are so much fun. This is a really useful little technique to know as the flower can be made into a badge, sewn onto a hairband or hairclip or anything else you can think of. You can also vary the size with eaze and the end result looks very impressive.

What You’ll Need


Fabric for petals

Fabric for flower centre

Felt Fabric

Buttons and beads to decorate

Step 1

First you need to decide on the size you would like your finished flower to be. The one in the picture above is about 9cms across. Next draw a circle onto your carboard the same size as the flower and cut out.

Step 2

Place your cardboard circle onto your petal fabric and draw around six times (to make six petals). Cut out the six fabric circles.

Step 3

Fold each circle of fabric in half, with the right side of the fabric showing. Now you need to gather the raw edges of your petals, sew small running stitches along the side.

Step 4

Pull the stitches to form your petal. Repeat with the other five circles using the same piece of thread going from one to the next.

Step 5

Join the first petal to the last and sew firmly together to form your flower.

Step 6

Cut a small circle from felt or a woollen material that doesn’t fray and sew onto the back of your flower.

Step 7

Now we need to make the centre of the flower. I chose a contrasting blue material for mine. Once again use your cardboard circle and cut out a circle from this fabric. Gradually sew a running stitch round the edge of the circle turning the raw edge to the centre as you go.

Step 8

Pull your thread so that the gathers end up in the centre of the circle.

Step 9

Place this circle with the gathers facing down so they can’t be seen into the centre of your flower. Next you will need a button to secure it. Sew it right into the centre to hold everything together. At this point you can add beads or whatever embellishments you fancy.

Step 10

Now your flower is finished you can sew a brooch back onto the back if you like, or add it to a fabric hairband or hairclip. I think I may add one onto a bag I’m sewing, really the ideas are limitless. Have fun!

Chelsea, Flowers, Gardens & Pots.

For those in the UK you may well be aware that Chelsea Flower Show has recently finished. I’ve never actually been, but I watched it every evening on the BBC. The gardens looked spectacular as always, although I tend to be won over by the cottage style rather than the more industrial creations. But whatever your preference it’s always an inspiration to get out and get gardening. This year we’re attempting to grow several vegetables, pumpkins, courgettes, lettuces, tomatoes and more. I’m not optimistic about the french beans, they’ve grown and climbed but their leaves look rather sad and I suspect a neighbourhood slug or snail may be to blame. I don’t think they’ll be worthy of Chelsea, but if by the end of the season we have anything remotely edible I’ll be one proud gardener. If you want to take a look at real award winning veg take a look at www.medwynsofanglesey.co.uk who won Gold this year for their amazing display.

As for the rest of the garden, I like to arrange things as I would in the house, using old objects like pans or watering cans. Most of my plants have been grown from tiny cuttings, the soil is heavy clay which can be a challenge but on the whole most things have grown well.

I would love to have more flowers and slowly I intend to add more. One that seems to enjoy clay soils and is multiplying without any help from me is this aquilegia or granny’s bonnet.

I am hoping to go to Tatton Park on July 21-25. I doubt I’ll buy any plants as they’ll probably be very expensive but I will enjoy all the beautiful gardens and I hope to come home with some inspiration. For anyone living further south there is Hampton Court July 6-11.

In honour of gardening we’ve created some garden inspired jewellery. Please share your favourite gardening stories or jewellery, we’d love to hear about them.