Atlantis Books Santorini

The blue and white churches of Santorini are a quintessential ‘Greek’ image, despite being almost solely confined to this one small island. I have visited the island before and I was recently fortunate enough to go back.


This photo was taken in the small town of Oia which is famous for it’s sunsets. While I was there I saw an advert for a local literature festival organised by the Atlantis bookshop. When you see events advertised on holiday they are usually due to happen a week or two after you get home, but on this occasion we were there at the right time. 🙂

The bookshop itself is like a fairytale store come to life. From the street you descend a small staircase which leads into a small cave house (the shop itself). From floor to ceiling every surface is covered in books, you could spend hours and hours just perusing. The staff are all very helpful, friendly and willing to give advice.


The idea for the bookshop was conceived by two English students Oliver and Craig, when they spent a week on the island in 2002. The shop finally came to life in 2004 and the full story can be read on their website

They also publish books through Paravion Press. I adored the small books which come with an airmail envelope, ready to post to friends back home. These books also have an empty page at the front for you to write a message on, I bought several just for myself!


There was a real buzz about the place with talks and music continuing until late into the evening.


On my second visit I noticed some very small books that had been made to look like a match book. They could be bought individually or four in a larger match box.

For some reason I didn’t buy any of these (I blame the sun messing with my judgement!) and I regretted it as soon I got home. I’ve rectified my mistake and ordered myself a set from All these mini books and written and handmade on the island of Cyprus.

If you like the idea of writing or producing your own book or zine there is a self publishing fair at Quad in Derby this Saturday. It is free to attend and will include talks and workshops.


Yarn Bombing for Six Streets Derby

Six Streets is an area of Derby not very far from the city centre. This year it celebrated it’s second Art Trail over the weekend of June 22nd and 23rd. Residents opened up their homes and local artists and makers were exhibiting their work. As part of the trail, trees on Wheeldon Avenue were decorated by individuals and local groups, the theme was the natural world . We at the Angel Eden Blog have been solely responsible for two of the trees and have also been involved with a number of the group efforts. Two of the trees have been decorated by local schools and each tree has a label to advise who has done the work.

I think there were twenty trees decorated in total and the road really did look good. The Art Trail was open for just the one weekend but the Yarn creations will stay up for a couple of weeks.

I have not included pictures of all the trees as they are far too many but here are just a selection.









The First Ever Bakewell Baking Festival!

Just saying the name ‘Bakewell’ instantly makes me hungry as I dream of delicious almondy puddings. It’s a town steeped in baking history and this year it celebrated in style with it’s first ever Baking Festival.

The Festival was held on the 8-9th June in Bakewell town centre, I went along on the Saturday to see what was happening.

Bakewell is always a busy town on a weekend boasting good weather, it’s position in the peaks plus it’s pudding fame make it popular with tourists and locals alike, so it was no surprise that I arrived to find the town very very busy!

However I soon spotted signs of the Festival when my daughter saw two people collecting money for charity dressed in Venetian finery, she even sneaked into a photo with them 🙂

Several of the main streets were lined with stalls selling everything from cakes and aprons to vintage homeware. Although the sheer volume of people made a few stalls difficult to see, they were all beautifully presented and appealing. My daughter bought a biscuit from this stunning stall from Nina Holden.

There was also several venues holding workshops and talks, although I must admit to being a little confused as to the location of everything. However after meeting Stacie Stewart I hightailed to Stacie’s talk in the main Festival Tent.

Stacie gave out several great tips and managed to pull together a beautiful White Chocolate Gateau despite the heat (her chocolate embellishments just wouldn’t set).


At the same time as I was watching Stacie my daughter was busy having a Tea Party with the Mad Hatter and Alice! This was located a little walk away from the main town and seemingly suffered slightly for it as my daughter had Alice and the Mad Hatter virtually to herself! She absolutely loved all the attention having dressed up as Alice herself for the occasion.

Although I have to admit to being slightly disappointed about one aspect of the children’s activities. Firstly their workshops were supposed to be prebooked which I hadn’t realised (bad Mummy) but even though they had plenty of space they would not let my daughter join in 🙁 but I can understand this and should have realised in advance. However they were also running a costume competition, it turned out that my daughter had been the only child to dress up, hurrah she wins!! No…. unfortunately not, we were told that the organisers hadn’t got themselves ‘organised’. They could see she was dressed up but said they ‘might’ do the competition the next day?? As we weren’t going to be there that wasn’t much consolation to my little girl. But saying that, Alice and the Mad Hatter were wonderful and my daughter had an absolutely wonderful time despite this slight disappointment.

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed my day out at the first ever Bakewell Baking Festival and so did my daughter. I think allowing children to visit for free was a wonderful family friendly idea!

I did find the locations being set about the town a little confusing as I wasn’t always completely clear what was part of the festival and what wasn’t. However I am not known for my sense of direction, so that could well just be me 🙂

I think for the first year it was incredibly ambitious and ran very well. I for one am very excited to see how it evolves over the next couple of years. I can see it turning into a well renowned Festival in a beautiful location. Keep your eyes peeled for it’s return in 2014!!

Find Out More

To find out more information about this and future Bakewell Baking Festivals visit the Festival website at