Mike The Knight: A Very Knightly Christmas DVD Review

A Very Knightly ChristmasMy kids are all dedicated Mike the Knight fans so when we heard there was a brand new festively themed DVD called Mike The Knight: A Very Knightly Christmas’ we were first in line to review it!

Mike the Knight: A Very Knightly Christmas

‘It’s Christmas Eve in Glendragon and one of Santa’s reindeer is sick. Mike makes it his mission to save Christmas and does everything he can to nurse the reindeer back to health, making sure he is included on Santa’s ‘nice’ list. Meanwhile, Mr Cuddles is sent on a wild toboggan ride, Squirt gets stuck in a giant snowball and Mike learns that Vikings like to have fun in the snow too.’

This brand new DVD features six fun and festive episodes that my children thoroughly enjoyed. For a parent it is a little hard watching them one after the other (or is that just me?) but if a little quiet time is needed while you sneak away to wrap some presents then I think this is sure to suit. Mike saves Christmas in interesting and ingenious ways as one of Santa’s reindeer gets sick or he’s accidentally spread presents far and wide. As is usual with the program each episode has a happy and heart-warming conclusion. My youngest knight had this to say about the DVD:

Sir N – ‘I love it, it’s cool and very nice too!’

Even better there is also a special bonus DVD in the pack called:

Mike’s Hidden Treasure

This bonus disc contains six additional episodes which are sure to delight Mike fans far and wide. They are not festively themed in anyway but you might well find that a relief!

The RRP is £12.99 but if you’re quick I saw it priced at just £3 on Amazon.co.uk. I think this DVD set would make a great stocking filler or child occupier as it contains over two hours of footage.


For more details about Mike the Knight and his chivalrous adventures visit him online at www.miketheknight.com.


Mike the Knight ‘Be a Knight, Do it Right!’ Review

Mike the Knight is already a very popular character and with the release of his new DVD ‘Be a Knight, Do it Right!’ on 29th July he’s set to invade living rooms across the country. I set my three little knights the task of reviewing the new DVD and finding out if it is worth purchasing.

From a parents perspective, I really like this DVD. It captivates my children for 60 full minutes giving me time to catch up on other tasks. I also like the chivalric aspects of the program, Mike often gets things wrong but it’s only when he’s behaving in a truly ‘knightly’ manner that his activities go to plan, not a bad ethos for kids to emulate!

My kids are the true reviewers though and here is their expert opinions on Mike’s latest outing.

Did you enjoy the Mike DVD?

Sir G – Yes, because it was long like a real film

Lady I – Yes

Sir N – Yes, I really liked it

Will you watch it often?

Sir G- No, because I like to watch a film once. (This is an honest answer, however Sir G may have forgotten that he’s watched it three times already 🙂 )

Lady I – Yes, because it was fun!

Sir N – Yes

What was your favourite part?

Sir G – The 2 part Mike and the new castle episodes.

Lady I – Where Mike says ‘It’s time to be a knight and do it right’.

Sir N – The snow bit and when Mike won trophies and shared them out.

Could the DVD be improved in anyway?

Sir G – Maybe a bit shorter

Lady I – No

Sir N – Yes, by putting it on (he means it’s not as good when it isn’t playing ;P )

Any other comments?

All three – No

Would your friends like this DVD?

All three – Yes!

So there you have it, Mike has been a big hit in our house and I’m sure the DVD will be watched often, although apparently not by Sir G! 🙂

Mike by Lady I


Mike the Knight ‘Be a Knight, Do it Right!’ is available from all good retailers now!

So You Want To Be A Pirate DVD review

Earlier in the year Aardman Animations released The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists at the cinema. In honour of it’s DVD release Aardman have produced a short animation DVD in conjunction with Tesco stores called ‘So You Want To Be A Pirate!’ I was lucky enough to be sent a review copy to watch with the kids.

First of all I haven’t actually seen the film that this DVD is promoting! Like most films I fully intended to take the children along to the cinema, but family life being what it is we never got around to it. This is where DVDs come in so handy, I can always find a moment at home to sit down with the kids. The children were therefore very excited to watch this short animation, they knew it was not the film, but as my boys are currently somewhat pirate potty they were very excited none the less.

Like many people I grew up with the Wallace & Gromit films made by Aardman. The whole family would sit down together and even the adults could appreciate not only the skillful stop motion animation but also the wonderfully British humour. I even had a budgie named after Gromit, we were true fans! This undoubtedly means that I have high expectations when it comes to their new releases.

I am therefore very pleased to report that this DVD lived up to those expectations in everyway. As usual there was the smooth animation and wonderfully wide grins that are essential to an Aardman flick. There was also a good deal of humour that had me chuckling away as much (if not more!) than the kids. Everything I expect from an Aardman film, from the jokes, to the styling, to the cute animals, every element was here.

The DVD also features extras including: How To Animate Your Pirate, How To Draw A Pirate and How To Talk Like A Pirate!.

Plus there’s extra content accessible by popping the DVD into your computer including games, colouring pages, recipes and more!

The DVD itself only runs for 17minutes, but I find that perfect for short attention spans and at an RRP of just £5 you can’t really complain.

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed this DVD and have watched it many times already.

Could it be improved in anyway?

Not really, there were certainly no complaints from the kids.

Would I recommend this item?

Without a doubt, in fact I already have to several friends. It’s just jolly good family fun, Yar! (we’ve all started speaking the Pirate lingo now!) 🙂