Get involved with Winter Sports during your normal daily routine

The Winter Olympics drew to a close this past weekend and for many new fans of snowboarding, curling, skating or more this creates an anti climax as the snow and ice leaves our TV screens. But what if there was a way to get involved with a whole new host of exciting Winter activities whilst still managing to fit in your normal daily work schedule! Sounds almost like an impossibility but I’ve been told about a brand new concept that promises to do just that.Screenshot (14)

Called ‘Olympic Hangovers’ the brand new site and app aims to bring together remote working locations with the possibility of participating in winter sports during your morning or afternoon. If it all works as planned then I think it sounds like a fabulous idea, complete freedom over working localities combined with frozen fun!

The site has been created as a Google mash up that combines working locations with local ski and skate centres that will enable you to enjoy winter sports the whole year round. Plus there is the added option of entering your own personal favourites if you want to recommend centres to fellow enthusiasts.

For full information and to join in the fun pop on over to the site at which went live today!

If your family are anything like mine then all the coverage will have inspired some hitherto unseen enthusiasm to get involved and try out a new sport.