Having a fantastical time at Rowtor Rocks in Derbyshire!

Rowtor RocksI’m lucky enough to live in a county that can boast some spectacular scenery, but it’s rare I actually find somewhere new that I haven’t visited before. Last weekend was one of those scarce occasions, I took a trip with my Father and son to Rowtor Rocks in Derbyshire (also called Druids caves).

Rowtor RocksLocated in the village of Birchover it’s a fantastic location unspoilt by health and safety!! That means no barriers or fencing, no warnings, this place is wild and you have to watch your step lest you fall down a hole or roll off a cliff! The advantage of course if that you can view the area without restrictions and appreciate the untouched beauty of this amazing location. I can’t emphasize enough though the need to watch your step and keep a tight hold of any children.

Rowtor RocksWalking up a small path reveals a collection of apparently man made caves carved from the Derbyshire rocks, you can walk through these and if you’re small enough (like my son) even climb through a few. A torch may be required but none of the caves are too deep, however lighting reveals cutting marks and even a giant spider or two!

Rowtor RocksWalking above the caves you can find an amazing network of carved stairs and seats, make sure you pose for a photo or three! I must admit there was something quite Lord of the Rings about it all, I just need some pointy ears and I would have felt very at home 🙂

Rowtor RocksThis rock hangs over a steep drop and we thought it resembled a lions head, although my husband saw an old man.

Rowtor RocksFor fans of the classic movie ‘The Princess Bride’ you’ll be pleased to hear that Birchover was used as one of the filming locations along with other sites in Derbyshire.

Rowtor RocksRowtor rocks also provides a great background for a silly photo! Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.



Summer Fun in Derbyshire!

We’ve been fortunate enough to have some lovely weather recently, good for the Olympics, great for the garden and even better if you like to venture out and about into the countryside!

Today I’m just sharing a few summer photos taken over the last few days.

First I’ll introduce you to this little chap (or chapette, I’m not sure how you tell the difference??). I first heard a few stones moving, instantly fearing some nefarious plot was afoot I ventured to find out the source. When I saw two green legs I was somewhat alarmed, although further investigation proved it was infact quite a sizeable frog. At this point my husband stepped in and scooped froggy up to show the kids. Froggy was then placed back in the garden where he (or she) spent a few minutes sitting by the dogs ball before leaping off to pastures new.

These next few photos were taken at Middleton Top, where the Spotty Crocodile watched over the children as they searched rocks for signs of fossils. We also encountered many bees, moths and bugs, who for the most part were happy to stay still while their portrait was taken.

The spotty crocodile also discovered an extreme fondness for long grass!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and managing to get out and about when the sunshine allows.


Colours in Nature

Just recently the weather near us has been decidedly dull, wet and miserable. While unpleasant for many reasons, it does at least have the side benefit of encouraging nature and producing a plethora of wonderful colours.

We always have a camera on standby when we’re out and out about, so when we snapped these few pictures I thought I’d share them with you all. Hopefully the sun will make an appearance this weekend and we can all get out to enjoy these wonderful colours.