Fishing Game Craft Tutorial with Bostik!

fishinggametutorialYar, good morning to ye me fine readers, we be feeling all nautical here at the Angel Eden Blog today so I’m sharing our quick and simple Fishing Game craft tutorial. We created this fine fellow of a game using craft supplies from those land lubbers at Bostik as I’m a Bostik Craft Ambassador  ‘Pirate’! It be perfect for small hands and trainee sailors to make and play, sure to be enjoyed by any true lover of the sea.

What ye be needing

Empty cardboard box

Shiny card and cellophane

Bostik Blu Tac Blu Stick

Foam fish (stickers are perfect)

Stickers for decoration


Pipe cleaner


bostikocean1Step 1

Start by cutting off the top flaps from the cardboard box.

BostikOcean2-3Step 2

Cover the bottom of the box with a piece of shiny cardboard (the sea bottom). Secure this into place with the Bostik Blu Stick. This glue goes on blue and dries clear making it really easy to see when applying. We used blue cellophane to stick to the sides of the box, you could also use cardboard or colour it in with a pen.BostikOcean4Step 3

Finish off the sea bottom by cutting wavy seaweed from green cardboard, glue into place.BostikOcean5Step 4

We used sea themed stickers to add creatures to the bottom of the sea.BostikOcean6Step 5

Now to make the fish! We used foam fish stickers which is definitely the easiest option. Cut a small length of cardboard, remove the sticky back from the fish and attach one edge of the cardboard strip. Bend the cardboard around the front of the fish and secure the other end at the back. Then stick the entire fish onto blue cardboard and cut around. Write a random number onto the back of the fish (this will be the amount of points the catch is worth).BostikOcean7-8


Step 6

To make the fishing rods just bend the end of a pipe cleaner into a U shape. Decorate the outside of the box however you like (we used foam stickers and pens). That’s the game completed, now it’s time to play!BostikOcean11BostikOceanSide

How to Play!

Undoubtedly the most important element is how you play our fishing game. There are two versions of this game depending on the age of the children or how hard you want it to be.

BostikOcean12Easy Version:

Each player takes it in turn to ‘fish’ a creature from the sea. Once all fish have been caught they are turned over to reveal how many points they are worth. The winner is the fisherman with the most points.

BostikOcean13Harder Version:

Exactly the same as the version above except that players wear a blindfold during their turn so they can’t see which fish they are hoping to catch. We gave each player a couple of swipes in the box and if they caught nothing then that was the end of their turn.

Tikkers Watches for Kids

Tikkers Watches

Tikkers Watches

When I was a small there was always something extra special about receiving a brand new watch. They looked beautiful, came in a case and made me feel so much more grown up than I really was. I was eager to pass on this tradition to my own children with the help of Tikkers watches.

Tikkers white stone set tiara watch

Tikkers white stone set tiara watch

For my daughter

For my daughter I chose this extremely girly Tikkers white stone set tiara watch (no. TK0049 RRP £17.99). Covered in sparkly stones and emblazed with the word ‘Princess’ there’s no denying that this watch is the epitome of girly styling. Ordinarily I might choose a less saccharinely sweet design but this one actually resembles one of my own watches which my daughter adores. Plus you can never really have enough sparkles!

From a practical point of view I was concerned that the rubber bracelet might be less durable than leather but so far it’s holding up very well. The rubber is also significantly more comfortable than a traditional strap. It is a little large on my daughter’s wrist but she assures me this is of no consequence.

Tikkers black skull watch

Tikkers black skull watch

For my eldest son

As my son leaves behind early childhood and enters the age of video games he needed a watch that better fits this transition, being ‘cool’ is of the upmost importance. We found the answer in the Tikkers black skull watch (no. TK0047 RRP £14.99). Black and green colours make this watch bright enough to still be childish and yet cool enough to be a respectable piece of wrist jewellery. It also has the added bonus of being really easy to tell the time on.

The watch strap is a little thinner than on my daughters and once again made from the same comfortable rubber material. It fits his wrist perfectly and he’s loved it since the day it arrived.

Tikkers Blue Rocket Ship

Tikkers Blue Rocket Ship

For my youngest son

Ever since we visited the National Space Centre my youngest has spoken of rockets, planets and space dinosaurs! That made the Tikkers Blue Rocket Ship (no. TK0045 RRP £14.99) the obvious choice for him.

The colours are fabulously bright, the numbers are easy to read and it’s really encouraged him to learn to tell the time, you can’t really ask for more. As with the other watches the strap is made of rubber and fits his teeny wrist beautifully.

Overall Thoughts

Each of these watches came packaged inside a lovely plastic case with a 1 year warranty which I think makes them both a thoughtful and practical present. They’re comfortable and stylish which encourages kids to wear them and tell the time. I can’t comment on longevity as we have only had them a few weeks but I have no concerns as of yet in terms of durability.


Tikkers watches are available at a huge number of retailers nationwide including John Lewis, H Samuel, Debenhams, Fenwick Newcastle and Bentalls Kingston.

They can also be purchased online from and